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Fairytale-Inspired Bridal Bouquets


Who doesn’t love a good fairytale with a dashing knight and happily ever after? But what happens after they ride off into the sunset? We couldn’t help but wonder what these princesses’ weddings would look like. We asked local floral shops to draw inspiration from popular fairytales and design their bridal bouquets.

Pocahontas – acme fresh market

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on TodaysBride

Florist: Acme Fresh Market Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

When your grandmother is a willow tree, a raccoon and hummingbird are your friends, and you paint with the colors of the wind, you know your bouquet has to be boho-hippie-chic. This bouquet looks like it was picked right out of a meadow. Daisies, carnations, and clover-like greenery form the perfect wildflower bouquet. Add in a few feathers for a Pocahontas-like homage to nature!

cinderella – acme fresh market

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Florist: Acme Fresh Market Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

The ball where Cinderella meets Prince Charming has nothing on their wedding day! We like to think that Cinderella would have kept a scrap of fabric from her iconic blue dress to wrap around the bouquet. And we can’t forget those glass slippers! The crystal accents in this bouquet give a nod back to those shoes that led them to this very moment. Created with hydrangeas and roses, this bouquet would make her step-sisters green with envy.

princess and the frog – Buehler’s

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Florist: Buehler’s Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

This cascading bouquet shape is an up-and-coming trend, which is what we’ve come to expect from the independent and driven Tiana. Staying true to herself and not what everyone else is doing, it would be important for Tiana to incorporate aspects of the home she loves so much into her bouquet. With succulents reminiscent of lilypads and hanging cascades mimicking the drooping trees over the bayou, this bouquet is New Orleans-inspired.

sleeping beauty – Buehler’s

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Florist: Buehler’s Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

We wouldn’t want to sleep through this wedding! Using the spindle that cast Aurora under a sleeping curse – and eventually led her to her one true love – this beautiful bouquet is bursting with magic. We love the addition of her fairy god mother’s hat, and did you catch the single rose at the top of the bouquet? Clutched in her grasp as she slept was one single rose, and you better believe Aurora would include that symbolism in her marriage to Prince Phillip.

alice in wonderland – dietz falls florist

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Florist: Dietz Falls Florist Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

We’re all a little mad for this bouquet! The bright contrast of pink and yellow with protruding greenery represents the mischievousness that is Wonderland. The circle of branches just goes to show that chaos cannot be contained! Turning the Mad-Hatter’s top hat upside down to contain the chaos creates a topsy-turvy success!

snow white – nikki’s perfect petal designs

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Florist: Nikki’s Perfect Petal Designs Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

This transitional bouquet tells the story of the Evil Queen from Snow White. Once a girl grown up into a queen, her traditional wedding bouquet would’ve been red roses. The legendary poisoned apple at the center marks her transition to evil. From there, the bouquet turns into a thorny, colorless, cascade that falls short of Snow White’s beauty, yet again. Using colors like red for fury and green for envy, this bouquet is the perfect representation of the Evil Queen’s inner turmoil.

little mermaid – tilted tulip floral boutique

Bouquet | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Florist: Tilted Tulip Floral Boutique Photography: Sabrina Hall Photography

If you didn’t already think that life’s “better down where it’s wetter,” then this Little Mermaid-inspired bouquet is sure to convince you! Seashells are scattered throughout to remind Ariel of her true home, and every flower was chosen to look like plants you’d find under the sea, like the celosia resembling coral! If you’re anything like us, you dreamed of being a mermaid as a little girl. This bouquet would fit right in at a mer-wedding on land or sea!

Local florist shops modernized these traditional fairytales with current wedding trends, and we are amazed by their creativity and style! We hope these designs help inspire your very own fairytale wedding.

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