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6 Activities To Bond With Your Father On Father’s Day


Father’s day is coming up! Tell your dad how much you appreciate him. Take time to think back on all those times he helped you through troubles and tried his best to make sure you were never hurt. Not sure how to show him how much you love him? We have some ideas that we listed below!

Go to his favorite restaurant

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What better way to dad’s heart than through his stomach? Take him out to where he cannot resist and spend the next few hours talking. Use this time to talk about everything from old memories to ones about to come (your wedding)! A few hours spent with him will mean the world, and it does not have to be expensive, but you should be the one to pay. It just has to be meaningful! Your father will be ecstatic to be able to see you.

Take him to a sporting event

If your dad is a sports fan, this gesture will mean the world to him! It will combine the two past times he enjoys the most – you and sports. Have fun with him with the highs and lows of the game. Just like he was there for the highs and lows of your life. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, remember this day is about him. Talk, laugh, and cheer and remind him how he will always be the number 1 man in your life! Try to keep it just you and him; it will make the day that much more meaningful.

Adventure with him to the park

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Does your dad love nature? Take him to the park or for a hike. Walk and talk with him while enjoying the outdoors. Bonus points if the spot you choose to go is a place he took you when you were younger. You may not have the time to go out with your dad as much as before, but that is what makes this time with him meaningful! The weather’s great. Have fun with your dad!

Visit a museum or historical site with him

Is your dad a history nerd? Go and take him somewhere he can learn even more about the subject he loves. Most of these sites are open because it is summer, so you have so many options! You can make this an all-day event. Your father will love being able to share this time with you. Who knows, maybe you will be able to teach him a thing or two also and show him how much you have grown!

Help Him build a project

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Some dads love tools and home improvement projects. To help bond with him over this, try a small project together! You don’t have to try and build a house in a day. Try making photo frames or a shelf for the house. You can use this project to mix old memories with new ones by bringing photos to place in the frames or on the shelf. If you would like to make this special project more wedding-centric, try making centerpieces together. A photo frame with family memories spread throughout the wedding will make your father smile and remember all the loving times together. Your father will appreciate you joining him in his favorite past time.

Have a night in with him

You do not have to go out to have a good time. If your dad is a homebody, why would you make him leave the house on his day? Instead, rent a few movies and pop some popcorn! If he doesn’t like movies, maybe buy him a new book that you enjoy. This way you can both enjoy and bond with the story. Either activity can be a doorway to hours of laughter and memories.

Dance Lessons together

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This activity will bring you both closer together. With the father-daughter dance right around the corner, your dad will surely want to spice up his dance moves. You can laugh and dance together, talking about the wedding and the moments you both have shared up until this moment. You can also take this opportunity to look at father-daughter dance songs. Choosing one together will make the process fun and more special!

Father’s day is just a day, but the memories made can last a lifetime. If you don’t see anything you think your dad will like, ask him! At the end of the day, he wants to see you. While you’re thinking about your father, check out some of our pins on Pinterest or this blog for gifts you can give.

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