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Real Bride Blogger, Abby – Finding My Dress!


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed about wedding dress shopping. This desire was influenced first by TLC, then by Pinterest. So it should come as no surprise to you that I COULD NOT WAIT TO GO WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! But, to be honest, I was a little nervous. What if I didn’t find “the one”? Or worse, what if I found “the one,” but it was thousands of dollars outside of my budget?

Spoiler alert: I found my dress, and it was even under budget! And, the experience was a lot easier than I initially anticipated. So, I decided to share my dress journey with all of you! I hope that it can help you find your “one,” too.

But before I go on… I have to warn you: I’m gonna be vague. I have a NOSEY FIANCE who will try to get clues as to what I’m wearing on our wedding day, and I don’t want him to have any spoilers ahead of time (I’m looking at you, Robby). So, with that being said, here was my process:

Find all the cute pictures

This is the easiest step of them all! Find dress pictures online, and figure out which elements you love. I spent a lot of time clipping dresses out of the Today’s Bride magazine, but you don’t have to go old school! Check out their Pinterest boards, too!

Figure out what dresses work for your shape and complexion

You want your dream dress to make you look and feel incredible. If you know champagne washes you out, look for a dress in ivory instead. Pick out shapes and colors that make you feel confident! I knew that I would look best in something A-line or mermaid, so I tried to try on dresses that fit into those perimeters.

Narrow down your dress style

Your dress style will be influenced by the season you get married in, your venue, and the factors listed above. For example, a summer wedding may not be the best time for a long-sleeved dress (unless they crank the A/C up!), but would be perfect for a late fall or winter affair. I was very sad to realize how HOT sleeves are – even the mesh ones!

Find stores in your area that cater to what you want

I knew that I wanted to go to bridal salons that had a plethora of options, so Lavender Bridal Salon was an easy choice for me. They have a plethora of designers and styles to choose from. I knew that I loved the styles of dresses All Brides Beautiful carries, so I signed up for an appointment there, too! I booked Lavender first, because I knew I wanted to go to a larger store with more options.

Invite only your close friends

Too many opinions will confuse you. Invite people who are close to you and know your personal style. You also want to bring people that will uplift you! I would suggest bringing 3-4 individuals to your appointments. Make sure to check with the salon before you go to make sure you’ll be in a space that can accommodate your party!

Gather the necessary supplies for a day of dress hunting

You’ll be popping in and out of dresses during your appointment, so make sure to wear undergarments that will blend well under the dresses (nude, strapless bras are the best if possible). Grab a pair of shoes comparable to what you’d like to wear on the big day (keep the six inch heels at home unless you’re sporting them down the aisle!) so you’ll get a feel of exactly how you’ll look.

Have fun, and keep an open mind

Okay, it’s dress shopping time! You are PREPARED. You are HYDRATED. So go ahead and enjoy the appointment! But, make sure you try on at least one dress that you wouldn’t have normally. I actually ended up falling head over heels in love with my wild card dress!

I would love to be more specific, but like I said… Nosey fiancé. So, for now, I’ll include a few pictures of dresses that were close seconds, thirds, etc.

This was the first dress I tried on. It was a knockout! But I didn’t quite like the shape, or the deep slits under the armpits. Onto the next dress.

While gorgeous, this dress didn’t make me feel like a woman. But It did  help me play out my fairytale fantasies!

I loved the back of this dress, but I realized that moving in a mermaid isn’t as easy as it looks. And ya girl is going to get her groove thang on at her wedding! Next.

This dress absolutely stole my heart. It’s actually a simple sweetheart strapless dress with a bolero over top. It gave me classy gal vibes. But, I didn’t quite like the train. I’m far too klutzy for that!

Wedding dress shopping was a blast – but the second I put MY dress on, my jaw dropped. (Ladies, that’s the “feeling” they talk about. If your jaw isn’t hitting the floor, it’s not the one!) I felt classy, sophisticated, and stylish. I couldn’t believe that was me in that dress! After that, I didn’t need to try on another dress. I cancelled my other appointments and pulled out my credit card. It was such a happy and special moment.

I hope that my wedding shopping experience helps you to find the one! I can’t wait to show you which dress stole my heart.

Until next time,

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1 Comment

addas willams says:

The third dress is my favorite, it is so gorgeous!
And the train is amazing too, why you don’t like the train, you look so amazing!
Addas ~ : )

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