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How to Complement (Not Clash!) Your Partner’s Wedding Day Ensemble


One of the most important details of the big day is fashion. Whether you plan to match your significant other or wear completely different ensembles, the goal is always a collectively chic overall look. Check out our tips on how to highlight your wedding day duds so that you both steal the show!

Genevieve Nisly Photography

Genevieve Nisly Photography

Say “Yes” to the Silhouette

The first part of planning your wedding day style is deciding what type of garment you and your partner will wear. Do you both want to wear dresses or tuxedos? Do you want to wear one of each or opt for more casual threads? Once you’ve decided what style of clothing you’re going to rock, you can begin picking colors and personalizing the details!

Choose your Colors

Colors are the first feature that catches the eye in one another’s ensembles. It’s important to limit your color combinations so that your style stays fashionable and focused. Choosing bright colors is sure to make a statement, but a safe and elegant way to complement your partner is sticking to neutrals. Neutrals (beige, ivory, taupe, black and gray) are beautiful when paired together and look amazing when contrasting bright colors! Choosing a gray & lilac or black & white theme will ensure fabulous fashion without giving guests visual sensory overload!

Decide your Details

Two wedding gowns or two tuxedos allow you to unleash your collective sense of style. Even if you plan on sticking with traditional threads, you can infuse your personality into the particulars of any wedding day fashion with light accents! If you and your bride both want to wear white wedding gowns, opt for different length veils! You can pair vintage belts with your dresses or add distinguishing jewelry. Men, you can accent your fiance’s look with different styles of vests, jackets or ties!

Bouquets & Boutonnieres

Flowers just might be the most important decor element of weddings! Whether they’re staged as centerpieces, clipped on a photo backdrop or simply dust the aisle, the incredible color and design bring a sense of whimsy and love to both reception and ceremony. Flowers are amazing accents to wedding fashion, whether gorgeously gripped by the brides or fastened to a groom’s lapel. You can enhance your overall neutral look with a stunning succulent bouquet, or spice up your tux with a piping pink peony boutonniere! Complement your loved one with a similar flower piece or color to perfect your wedding day ensemble!

BCR Studios by Brad

BCR Studios by Brad

Coordinating your looks to match your partner or choosing your own individual designs is all part of the planning process! Fashion is about expressing yourself and the moment you’re in — whether that means going for two totally unique bridal gowns with emerald accessories or matching your tuxes identically from tie to a pocket square! It’s aesthetically stylish to complement your outfits, but the most important aspect of picking your wedding day fashion is choosing something that makes you both feel fabulous.


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