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Wedding Attire Trends for the Entire Party


The wedding dress is easily the most anticipated, recognizable, and iconic symbols when it comes to a wedding. Therefore, it tends to get a lot of hype! In all the excitement, the groom’s, bridesmaids’, groomsmen, and mother-ofs’ attire may get overlooked or underappreciated. We believe the entire wedding party should look and feel just as good as the bride! Here are all the top trends for your entire wedding party’s attire.


The most important part of your dream wedding dress is ensuring that it reflects your style and personality. You should look in the mirror and feel like yourself wearing a really beautiful, white dress. Decide which features make you feel like you; which features you love. What’s in your closet? Do you tend to wear a lot of lace? Color? Slim or loose fitting? Fringe or patterns? If you’re not someone to wear dresses much, don’t force yourself to on your wedding day. You should feel comfortable and beautiful, regardless of whether your dress follows new trends, or not.

If you’re a fashionista or trend-setter, you’ll want to keep up with the new designs coming out. In 2019, crop tops, high necklines, and a simple and clean silhouette (a la Meghan Markle) are popular.



As a groom, you’ll be standing next to your bride all day long. Therefore, you don’t want to look dull or outdated. You want to stand your own ground and look as dashing as your bride is gorgeous! While your fiance may have some requests or suggestions, keep in mind that this is one aspect of the wedding that you have total control over. You should choose a suit or tuxedo that is comfortable, fits your sense of style, is well tailored, and makes you feel confident!

Look for suits with texture – like tweed, velvet, or corduroy – or color – like blush, blue, maroon, or emerald. White suits are especially eye-catching next to a white wedding dress, and will ensure everyone knows you’re the lucky man. Another popular trend is to stand out from your groomsmen with a different color suit or different shade, or a patterned vest or tie.


Bridesmaids & Flower Girl


A bridesmaid’s main job is to support the bride. We’ve all heard someone joke about not upstaging the bride or assigning bridesmaids to wear ugly dresses to make the bride look prettier. Luckily, most brides have strayed away from that idea. Bridesmaid dresses have become stylish and trendy. You can even wear them again after the wedding! Whether you mix and match styles, prints, silhouettes, necklines, or colors, or choose one dress that flatters every ‘maid, there are tons of gorgeous options. For 2019 trends, bridesmaids are wearing geometric patterns and floral prints and are transferring the cold-shoulder trend in casual wear to formal wear.

Historically, bridesmaids wore white gowns to distract the groom, devil, or kidnappers from stealing the bride away before her wedding. Though that idea seems a bit far-fetched today, bridesmaids have begun to embrace white gowns again. This is especially popular now that blush, ivory, champagne, and pastel wedding gowns are in-style.

VIDEO: 4 Tips for Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Flower Girls

For flower girls, white tulle has always been popular. To be different, dress them in the colors of your wedding. Flower girl dresses are also sporting sprinklings of flowers – whether they be applique or embroidered – and big bows.

Groomsmen & Ring Bearer


Because most of the attending men will wear suits or jackets of some kind, groomsmen have to do something special to stand out. One hugely popular trend in men’s formal wear is the navy suit. It adds a bit of color and personality without being too over-the-top. Plus, most color palettes look good with it, allowing a variety of tie, vest, or pocket square colors and patterns to be worn. Speaking of patterns, that’s another growing trend! Whether you don a floral vest, a hounds tooth tie, or even a checkered suit, patterns are a groomsmen’s best friend.

Finally, you’ll see a lot of mismatched groomsmen in 2019. From subtle differences like different tie colors or patterns to wearing various shades in the same suit, groomsmen are showing off their own style. Some may wear suspenders and slacks while others wear a 3 piece suit. This mix-and-match trend allows groomsmen to choose a look that not only flatters them, but keeps with their own fashion aesthetic.

Ring Bearers

While ring bearers look cute in whatever they wear, casual is the new 2019 trend! A simple button down shirt with khakis, suspenders with shorts, or a suit vest without the jacket make these little guys the cutest gentlemen you’ll ever see! If you want to go a bit dressier, add a bow-tie for added adorable-ness.


A mother-of wants to look sophisticated and elegant without being matronly or dressing “too young.” It can be hard to find a dress that fits within these confines! That’s why mothers have expanded what used to be known as “formal” to include prints, jumpsuits, and tea length dresses. Instead of a dress, opt for a simple blouse and shirt. If you want something with a bit more coverage, look illusion necklines, blouson sleeves, or add a cape or shawl to your attire. Cowl necks – in the front or back – and halter necklines are also popular and add an eye-catching detail.

Just like photos captured your First Communion dress, homecoming dress, and those overalls you wore on your 12th birthday, your wedding photos will capture your wedding day attire forever. Make sure every member of your party is looking his or her best by choosing outfits that are timeless, yet on-trend.

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