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Although tipping your wedding vendors has become more and more popular, it’s not required. It is simply a nice gesture to show them how much you appreciate the hard work they put into making sure your wedding day goes off flawlessly. If you plan on tipping your vendors make sure to check your contracts because some businesses may already have the gratuity included.

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If your catering company does not already include gratuity, it is appropriate to tip 15%-20% of the entire bill. If you would rather tip each individual person instead of tipping off the price of the entire bill, it is common to tip each server $20-$50, and each chef $50-$100.


Although your officiant may not accept tips personally, it is appropriate to donate $75-$100 to the church. Not only are you thanking them for being a part of your special day, but you are also doing a good deed!

Delivery/Set-up Personnel

This includes anyone who delivers your flowers, cake, or decorations. They are doing a lot of work to make sure your day looks just as beautiful as you; thank them by tipping each person $10 for dropping off items, or $20 for setting them up.

Limousine Drivers

These drivers most likely put up with a lot. From listening to the bridal party belt out Taylor Swift at the top of their lungs while trying to concentrate on the road, to cleaning up the champagne you dropped when he hit a bump. Show how thankful you are by tipping 15%-20% to the driver.

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These are the people making sure your guests stay happy and dancing by giving them some liquid courage. Show them some appreciation by tipping 15%-20% on the entire bill.

Reception Site Manager

You have probably worked very closely with this person your entire planning process. They might have even given you some great recommendations for other vendors. Thank them by tipping 15%-20% of the entire bill.

Ceremony Musicians

You may only have a pianist play the Bridal Chorus or you could hire a string quartet. Either way, each musician should get a $25-$50 tip for their accompaniment.

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Your DJ or live band keeps the night going! They are usually the ones that make sure you’re following the schedule so you don’t run out of time for the bouquet toss. They even got your great-grandma to do the Electric Slide. Tip 15%-20% to the band leader or DJ.

Parking Attendants

These workers are running around like chickens with their heads cut off to find parking for all your guests. If your guests are not tipping them already, it is appropriate to tip them $1-$2 per car.

Photo Booth Attendants

Although these workers have the fun of seeing all the goofy faces you and your guests make in the photo booth, they are still working hard to make sure everything is set up and working correctly. It is common to tip each attendant $20-$50.

Keep in mind, some of these workers – like parking attendants, photo booth attendants, and catering staff – may be only part-time employees. They might rely on tips as their main source of income. That’s always a good thing to consider when trying to decide who you will and will not tip.

If you plan on tipping your wedding vendors, be sure to work it into your budget and decide who will be in charge of handing out the tips at the end of the night. If you are not leaving immediately for the honeymoon, it can be you or your new spouse. However, if you are leaving immediately, delegate the task to the best man, maid-of-honor, or one of your parents. Although it isn’t required or even expected, it is definitely appreciated. Each and every one of your vendors put a lot of time and effort into making sure your day is exactly how you dreamed it would be.


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