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Pros and Cons of Transportation Options


There are more options than you’d think when it comes to choosing the transportation for your wedding day! But which vehicle will work best? We’ve got the pros and cons of each getaway vehicle to help you decide!


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Limousines are the most common wedding day transportation option, but does that mean they’re your best option? That really depends on what you’re looking for. While the most common limousine is a 14 passenger, they can range from 10 to 24 seats, offering you a lot of options! Plus, you can choose from the classic look, rent a stretch hummer, an SUV, or even a specialty limo like a stretch Dodge Charger!

When renting a limo, though, you have to be conscious of the number of people who will be riding. Though a 14-passenger limo can technically fit 14 people, it may be tight when you’re all dressed up in your formal attire. Allow for some room to move around by choosing a vehicle that technically fits a few more people than you expect. You should also take your attire into account – will you be wearing a ball gown or a sheath dress? While you can comfortably sit in a mermaid or sheath dress and share your space with the people around you, it’s a bit harder to maneuver with a ball gown or A-line– especially if space is limited.

If moving around or dancing is important to you, a limousine may not be your best option, as you’ll be confined to your seat. However, a classic limousine is the perfect choice for a traditional, elegant wedding, and will show off your “Just Married” status perfectly.


Party Bus

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A party bus is designed for bigger parties of 25-35 people and allows you to move around and dance. You can invite your wedding party and their significant others to join you on this ride! The benefits of a party bus are that you can move around easily, there’s plenty of space to avoid stepping on the wedding dress, and it can be used as a shuttle for your guests to arrive at your ceremony or reception in style! Plus, some party buses have a Bluetooth feature where passengers can hook up their phones to play their own party-anthem playlist!

Timing is a huge part of hiring a party bus. Because the typical rental period is four hours – which is also how long the reception usually lasts – your driver can only do so much. You can use their service to transport you and your party from the ceremony to the reception site, but then you’ll probably have to figure out a different way to your accommodations. A great use of the party bus is to have them shuttle your guests to and from their hotel accommodations so no one has to worry about drinking and driving.

If your wedding will be the ultimate dance party and you want to start it off – or end the night – right, a party bus is your perfect vehicle. Ask your vendor if you’re allowed to use window chalk to write “Just Married”, your wedding hashtag, or your new name on the windows!


Classic Car

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Renting out a classic, vintage, antique, or luxury car can be a fun and unique option when it comes to choosing your transportation. Whether you go for the classy Rolls Royce, modern day sports car, or drive off in a 1950s Chevrolet, your grand exit is sure to make a statement. Plus, it’s the perfect option for that classic “Just Married” getaway with colorful cans trailing behind.

If you decide to rent a classic or sports car for your grand getaway, you’ll be departing alone. There will be no room in the car for your wedding party, so be sure to advise them to make accommodations. There are a lot of details to plan if you go the route of the statement car. Depending on how long you rent the car for, you may need to find a way from your ceremony to your reception. If you’re heading straight for the airport, where will you drop the car off and who will pick you up when your honeymoon is over? If the car you want has a backseat, consider hiring a driver to take you where you need to be. This will not only solve some of the questions you may ask yourself when hiring transportation but will save you money, as you’ll only need them for a short drive.



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Made for a fairytale wedding, a horse-drawn carriage is a perfect entrance or exit for a princess bride. Plus, it’s sure to be a moment your guests will remember! We recommend choosing a different vehicle of transportation if you’re having a winter wedding. Though it’ll make for some gorgeous photos, you’ll be dying for a heated car. You may also want to keep in mind the distance between your ceremony and reception. If you’ll need to travel several miles or get on the highway, a carriage isn’t a logical choice.



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A trolley can be such a cool alternative to the traditional transportation vehicles! If you have a larger wedding party and live in a big or historical city, do some research to see if you can rent out an old-fashioned trolley for the day! You and your guests will be treated to a unique and selfie-worthy ride and may even be treated to a tour of the city as you make your way to the venue! This option is perfect for the quirky or one-of-a-kind couple who likes to veer from the trends. While you can’t decorate the back of the vehicle with cans, the trolley owner may be willing to write on their windows or display “Just Married” on a neon scroller!



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If you’re getting married on a vineyard or on the waterfront, a Vespa is a must. Reminiscent of a destination wedding, this fun ride will start your marriage off with adventure! Though this option only allows for you and your new spouse to depart, you’ll be offered incredible views of the city you love. One tip for the couple – pack a comfortable departure outfit that will allow you to straddle the seat.


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