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Including Your Pets in Your Wedding


Fur babies are family, too! Why not have them in your wedding? Whether they serve as a ring bearer or just look adorable in photos, they’re sure to entertain your guests.


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Kate Romaneski Photography

In our opinion, the question should really be, “Why not?” Pets are bundles of joy who make even the worst days better. Why not have them there on the best day of your life? They can keep you calm when you start getting nervous. Plus, they look adorable in bow ties and flower crowns. You wouldn’t exclude your son or daughter from this celebration, so why exclude your fur baby? Just imagine your wedding photos with your pets in it and without them. How much cuter and more sentimental are they with your cat or dog in them?! Having photos of you and your pet on the most special day of your life will mean a lot one day when they’re no longer around, and may even go viral thanks to cuteness overload!


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Sabrina Hall Photography

Pets in Wedding | Kate Romaneski Photography | As seen on

Kate Romaneski Photography

The most common task for your pet is to serve as ring bearer. They can trot alone down the aisle, or have an escort. One of the best tasks you can assign to your dog or cat, though, is that of greeter. No one can greet your guests with more excitement and love. The tail wagging and purring will have your guests in the perfect mood to watch you say your I Dos. Other roles your pets can play are guestbook attendant, bridesmaid/groomsman, or photo booth attendant! (Guaranteed for adorable photos every time!)


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Zachary Hunt Photography

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KT Merry Photography

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Tori Mistick Photography

Dogs are much easier to dress and accessorize than cats because of their size and demeanor. Cats typically don’t do well with the manhandling that is required to maneuver an animal into clothing. Tuxes, vests, and dresses are all adorable options that will ensure your pets aren’t embarrassed about being under-dressed. If your pet doesn’t like clothes or you just want something a little less formal, consider a bow tie, tutu, veil, flower crown, or floral collar! You can even wind ivy around their leash for a more appealing look.

what to consider

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John Paul Studios

More than likely, you’ll have to ask someone to attend to the pet throughout the day. They may have to walk them on a leash down the aisle, take it outside to go potty, clean up any accidents, and make sure he or she gets enough water and food. You can ask a member of the wedding party, or a friend/family member who likes animals. If you’re inviting children, we can guarantee that they’ll assume the responsibility of taking care of your pet. If there is someone who didn’t make the cut to be a bridesmaid but you want them to feel included, this could be a great task for them! Just be sure to ask them if they feel comfortable taking care of your pet and don’t have any allergies.

You may also want to consider the weather. If you’ll be getting married outside in August, it’ll be quite hot. Make sure there’s plenty of shade, an air-conditioned space where your pet can cool down, and lots of water.

Ask your venue for permission before showing up with a pet – especially if you’ll be celebrating indoors! Some venues may have restrictions against animals or may make you sign additional paperwork.

Pets in Wedding | Sabrina Hall Photography | As seen on

Sabrina Hall Photography

Will your pet be attending the reception? If not, who will bring it home? If it will, consider your pets’ needs. The average reception lasts 4-6 hours, and can get quite loud. Have a safe space for the pet to retreat to and plenty of food and water. If your pet has anxiety, being surrounded by strangers and loud music is probably not the best experience for him or her.

We love our pets, and we know you do, too! They’re members of our family, our best friends, our secret keepers, and our cuddle buddies. Consider extending and invite to your wedding to them, but be sure you have the provisions in place to keep them occupied, happy, and cared for. Looking for more inspiration or simply want to see cute pictures of pets in weddings? Check out this Pinterest Board!

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