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Black-Tie Boho is 2021’s Favorite Wedding Aesthetic


Black-tie boho — it sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? The boho aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusual. Black tie, on the other hand, denotes a formal evening occasion where men are meant to wear tuxedos and women floor-length gowns. These ideas seem to fundamentally contradict each other. Where one is carefree, the other is a code of conduct. One is relaxed, the other is formal. One is unusual, the other is conventional. Polar opposites!

But let’s consider, for a moment, the wedding trends we’re seeing today. Relaxed, minimalist micro-weddings and elopements. Fanciful cottagecore festivities. Couples everywhere are combining different aesthetics and styles to make their weddings their own. And with minimalism and boho being two of the hottest aesthetics today, combining them just makes sense.

Black-tie boho bride and groom

Taryn Lynn Photography

A touch of glam, a bit of boho — when these two polar opposite styles come together, wedding magic happens. Sound like your style? Then read on for inspiration and tips on planning your black-tie boho celebration!


Black-tie boho attire is clean and sleek with minimal embellishments. When choosing your attire, look for styles that are pared-back and unfussy, and amp up the romance with floral accessories and dramatic veils.

Bride and groom with bridal party

Taryn Lynn Photography

Black-Tie Boho Brides

The most trendy gowns in this style are modest and minimal. Whatever silhouette you choose, be sure to opt for a simple gown with clean lines and fluid movement in order to achieve this look. As far as fabric goes, satin is the Black-tie boho bride’s best friend! It’s classic, it’s formal, and it’s romantic — chef’s kiss!

A silk sheath is another effortlessly chic option for the boho bride who wants her gown to feel low-key, but still black-tie elevated. Fewer silhouettes are more elegant than the simple slip dress. These minimal designs are effortlessly sophisticated and timelessly modern. Also, they’ve graced the aisles of many iconic celebrity weddings! A dreamy silk frock is the perfect gown for any occasion, from an intimate backyard wedding to an extravagant ballroom soiree.

Black-tie boho bride and groom

Jakob Owens via Unsplash

Bride and groom with bridal party

Matthew Gillam Photography

Bride and groom wedding portrait

Jessica Raphael Photography

Grooms & Groomsmen

Men’s attire is all in the name: black tie. That means tuxedos, gentlemen! As classic as it gets, the tuxedo is this only real option for the black tie wedding. (Although, we believe all rules are made to be broken!)

To add that unexpected boho twist to your men’s apparel, consider opting for a black shirt to make an all-black ensemble. Likewise, you could try a white jacket to compliment your wedding colors. Boutonnieres made of greenery with subtle white accents are the perfect way to accessorize your look, because they tie in with your wedding flowers. And for our rule breakers out there, just make sure that your suit is monochrome — that means to colorful ties!

Bride and bridesmaids in white dresses with bouquets

Chamore Creations

Black-Tie Boho Bridal Party

Your bridal party rules are simple: follow the bride and groom’s lead! Gentlemen, tuxes in the groom’s color of choice and boho boutonnieres. For bridesmaids, silk and satin are great options, and a neutral, monochrome palette looks sophisticated and elegant. Add a boho touch to your bridesmaids’ looks with greenery crowns  or abundant bouquets! And remember: for your wedding to truly be black tie, your groomsmen should be in tuxes and your bridesmaids full-length gowns.

black-tie boho VENUEs

Black-tie boho is a style that can work in almost any category of venue. A church ceremony? Sure! A conservatory reception? Absolutely! Vows on a rooftop restaurant? Great! But there are some factors to consider, so read on.

Black Tie Boho Ceremony Venue

Nataly J Photography

Black-Tie Boho Ceremony & Reception Venues

One of the most important things to keep in mind is regardless of whatever category your venue falls into, be it your ceremony or reception venue, is color. Try to avoid venues with bright wall colors or patterned carpets. You want to keep things clean and simple: neutral-toned walls and natural wood floors, with accents like glass or exposed brick. We’ve found that industrial venues work perfectly for this style (and we’ve got some great industrial venues locally)! The sharp, distinctive shapes and slate-toned color palettes of industrial venues are sophisticated and minimal, and those hard edges and textures are just begging to be softened with romantic flowers and flowing drapery.

Black-tie boho bride

Brandon Scott Photography

Nataly J Photography

Another great venue category for this style is a conservatory! The fresh and abundant green foliage speaks to the earthy qualities of boho style, and the plentiful glass windows and metal structures are sharp and modern. However, too many floral colors can detract from this aesthetic, so try and find a space with mostly green foliage rather than a rainbow of color.

And if you’re a barn-wedding fanatic, you might want to cover your ears. The rustic style of a barn just doesn’t work for this style. We’re not saying that it can’t work, just that it usually doesn’t. So, keep that in mind when choosing your venue. (And, if you find a minimalist barn in Northeast Ohio, let us know!)

Black-tie boho wedding reception decor

Taryn Lynn Photography

Black-tie boho wedding reception

Brandon Scott Photography

Keep it Local

This versatile style can work in all different types of venues. So, here are a few of our favorite local venues for this style in Northeast Ohio:

Click on the venues tab of our site to explore our venue map, find available dates, or browse the best Northeast Ohio venues by category.


Nataly J Photography


Décor bursting with greenery, abundant white florals, and an earthy color scheme are just a few of the elements that will keep your design fresh, contemporary, and formal, but still bohemian and romantic.

Black-tie boho wedding table

Brandon Scott Photography

Table Styling

When it comes to your tablescape, keep your palette simple. An all-white design of your florals, tablescape, and backdrop is a modern wedding technique that has always been in style, because it brings the spotlight to other details of your day, such as textured linens, crystal glassware, pops of gold in your flatware, and signage.

Here’s our trick for knowing when to stick to a simple design and when you can get a little more extravagant. First, pick your neutral. This can be beige, charcoal, champagne, etc., but for this example let’s say white. If an element is white, then it can be as extravagant as you’d like. Luscious peonies, rich linens, pearl studded chargers, and swirled taper candles — all acceptable. However, if the color deviates from your neutral, then it’s an accent. Keep the design simple: a minimal gold rim on your china, crystal glassware in classic shapes, or gold silverware with no embellishments.  You get the idea. You can layer white on white on white as much as you’d like, but when you add in your golds and your greens, stick to single elements.

Black-Tie Boho Blooms

Neutrals are the name of the game here — ivory and green. Sticking to all-white flowers may sound boring. But, when you use a monochrome color palette, details like texture and shape are more pronounced. This can actually make for an arrangement that is more attractive to the eye! When you use a million colors, your eye doesn’t know where to focus, and you often miss the individual beauty that each bloom brings. But an all-white palette always looks clean, always looks elegant, and, in true black-tie fashion, it follows a rule. What makes it boho? The Earth tones, of course!

If you want to add a pop of color, then fresh greenery is a great option that works with any season. One of the best ways to turn your reception into an example of a contemporary style, greenery arrangements filled with vines, leaves, and other lush foliage are the Black-tie boho bride’s best friend. For example, a garland of faux or dried eucalyptus can also achieve the same effect as a table runner. Snake this greenery down the middle of any rectangular tables and line it with candlesticks for the perfect touch.

A fun floral trend to try if fresh, white blooms aren’t your thing? Mixing fresh and dried florals! Adding in pampas grass, preserved lavender, and other dried flowers into your arrangements is a way to incorporate some warmth into your bouquet, and they’re much easier to preserve!

Wedding bouquet with dried flowers and ribbon

Jessica Raphael Photography

Nataly J Photography

Wedding chandelier with garland

Taryn Lynn Photography

Lighting, Signage, & More

Okay, we LOVE the crystal chandeliers in the above photo from Taryn Lynn Photography. Chandeliers add an eclectic boho vibe, while still feeling formal and classic. But not every venue has this option. So, if you want to go for a more versatile lighting option, then candles are your new best friend. Skinny taper candles are everywhere right now. A selection of these in a soft ivory or bold black make for the perfect centerpieces to light your table. (And you can take them home and use them after the wedding!)

While we’re on the subject of lighting, let’s talk neon. Because we love a good wedding sign — especially when it’s of the neon variety! From ceremony backdrops to bar décor, displaying your new last name or a loved-up phrase on a neon wedding sign is a guaranteed way to make your party décor pop. These dazzling displays fit perfectly into the Black-Tie Boho aesthetic. Their sleek, minimal lines are modern and sophisticated. And, the fun and unexpected element of neon signage is right in line with the rule-breaking nature of “La Vie Bohème.”

Too flashy for your taste? There are many other stationery options for your signage that fit the Black-Tie Boho mood.  Start with minimalism. Elegant yet pared-down invitations invitations emphasize the text. Moreover, modern typography and the use of negative space proves exactly how less can be more. Want to add a boho touch? Small line drawings of florals or swirling calligraphy will complete the look.

Taryn Lynn Photography

more black-tie boho Décor to explore

These ideas should get you started. But, there is so much more décor to explore than we could ever describe in one short blog! It’s important to note that “modern” styles are always changing, so be on the lookout on social media and in the blogosphere for new trends and ideas. If this is your style, then you’re a lover of all things fresh and trending, so this should be no sweat for you! Your wedding will undoubtedly reflect your style.

Meanwhile, we here at Today’s Bride will do our part to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest in modern wedding trends! So, if you like what you see here, be sure to check back for updates and new ideas to build on our little gallery here.


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