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Groom Approved Planning Tasks


When asked for their opinion, grooms often say, “Whatever you want.” That puts a lot of pressure on the bride, not to mention all of the responsibilities! Here’s a list of tasks that every bride can trust their groom to handle.

Food, Bar, and Cake

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One aspect of wedding planning that the groom actually does enjoy is testing out caterers. Not only is there free food, but most likely, he’ll eat at least two times more than you will at the wedding. When weighing your catering options, his number one choice should be a top contender.

Similarly, he’ll be opinionated when it comes to choosing the bar options and cake flavors, too. Though he may not care what the cake looks like, he’ll love deciding what it should taste like. Take him along to any cake tastings to help sample possible flavors, and be sure the bar is stocked with his favorite cocktail or brew.


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Though this task may require some restrictions from the bride, we think you can trust your groom with finding entertainment Just let him know whether yard games are allowed at your venue, if photo booths are in your budget, and what songs are on your do-not-play list. From choosing a DJ, to booking a caricature artist, or building a giant Jenga game, the groom will have fun coming up with ideas for this task.


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Though usually don’t love to shop like women do, he may enjoy creating a registry. Remind him that he can ensure that the things he wants – like a Bluetooth speaker or mini-fridge for his man cave – get on the list, too. Though he may not admit to enjoying picking out which towels, comforter, or dishes to scan, it’s good to know that he had a part in picking out the items in your household.

Men’s formalwear

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Most grooms are pretty relaxed when it comes to their wedding day attire. But, some may have requests: no bow-ties, a suit rather than a tux, a belt rather than suspenders, etc. By choosing his own attire for the day, he can ensure he’s comfortable. Give your fiancé a color swatch and send him off to get fitted. This may be a hard one for you to give up since you have a vision in your head, but it’s a good task for him since it directly affects him.

Groomsmen Gifts

Most grooms don’t go all out when they ask their friends to be a groomsman like brides do. That doesn’t mean they can’t, though! Grooms can present their groomsmen with gifts when asking them to participate, or wait until the rehearsal dinner. Though we all know men hate to show their feelings, giving a gift will show the groomsmen that their contribution to the wedding is appreciated. After all, renting or buying a suit/tux and planning a bachelor party isn’t cheap or easy! Some ideas are a cigar box, tie clip, cuff links, the tie they’ll wear to the wedding, or engraved flasks.

wedding bands

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The groom-to-be did such a great job picking out the engagement ring, why stop now? It’s totally appropriate for the bride to tag along on this groom’s task, or you can simply hand over a few photos you like and trust his judgment! Give your future hubby a budget and let him pick out your band and his own.

One tip: it’s a good idea to buy a second, cheaper set of bands to wear in situations where they might get lost – especially your honeymoon.


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Even if your fiance isn’t a “car guy,” he’ll probably want a say in choosing your transportation for the evening. Do you want to be chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce by a driver or share a party bus with your wedding party? Does his motorcycle have sentimental meaning or has he always wanted to test-drive a racecar? Unless you’ve always dreamed of riding off in a horse and carriage, this is one aspect of wedding planning that you probably don’t care too much about. Let him take the reins (get it?).

Though this list is not exhaustive – you should still invite your fiancé along to your other planning events and appointments, too! – we think you can trust your fiancé take some of the weight off of your shoulders with these duties. By sharing the responsibilities, you can both enjoy your engagement rather than wishing you were on your honeymoon.



Haley Cantor says:

We went to a wedding and the groom gave the bride a sketch of her dress and his suit. They displayed it at the reception. It was such an amazing gift idea.

N Parekh says:

Finally, there is a blog focussing on grooms indeed. Very nice blog and thank you for sharing this. You have written the post well. I think there could be more points about the groom’s outfit, accessories and preparation for marriage. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to more such posts.

John Dee says:

Most of the time we found bride wedding dress & accessories tips, but in your post you focus on groom outfit & accessories. Thanks for sharing amazing tips for groom.

It is really important to plan the wedding to make it the most memorable day in your life. Great tips shared here, cheers!

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