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There are so many loved ones who get involved in creating your perfect wedding. How do you show your appreciation for everyone who lent a helping hand? We’ve found the perfect gifts to say “Thank You” to everyone in your wedding party.

Flower Girl

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Kay Photo and Design

When it comes to buying children sentimental gifts, they often roll their eyes and throw it aside. How can you get your flower girl a meaningful gift that will also excite her? From the very beginning – almost – girls are taught to love jewelry. Most of them learn this appreciation of all things sparkly before they can even remember. What more perfect gift for your flower girl than jewelry she can wear on her own wedding day?

Ring Bearer

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JazzyMae Photography

The perfect gift for your ring bearer is a “ring security spy kit,” complete with badges, sunglasses, and walkie talkies. Adding some fun to the festivities, your ring bearer definitely won’t get bored. Just make sure he doesn’t take his job too seriously or decides to play while he’s walking down the aisle.


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Klodt Photography

Moms don’t get enough credit on the wedding day. The dad gets to walk the bride down the aisle, the dad gets to dance with the daughter, and the mom gets to clean up the reception hall. Moms are the unsung heroes. They give their daughters wings to fly, encourage them to chase their dreams, and support their every decision! Show her how much she means to you by giving her a heart shaped or infinity necklace or earrings to show your never-ending love.


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Sabrina Hall Photography

Daddies never like to cry, but he’ll be shedding a tear when he receives this gift. Embroider a handkerchief with a passage from your favorite childhood book, scripture, or a sweet quote. We tend to tear up with “Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your little girl for life.” No matter what you embroider, we can guarantee that the hanky will come in handy when he reads it.


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Klodt Photography

Your bridesmaids have spent a lot of money to be a part of your special day – from dresses to accessories to parties and gifts. Make sure you show them how much you appreciate their participation by presenting them with gifts the day of or the day before your wedding. Some of the more popular options are to pay for their hair and/or makeup, buy the jewelry they’ll wear for your wedding, or get them silk robes to get ready in! Girls especially love this gift, because it can be used again and again! Personalize it with “Bridesmaid,” “Maid-of-Honor,” or their name to make it even more special.


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Orchard Photography

Sometimes, men can be very difficult to buy gifts for – you can only buy so many ties, baseball hats, or cuff-links. And if you’re a groom giving your best friends gifts, it can feel a little awkward giving something that’s really sentimental. To give a gift that your groomsmen will love but also allow them to feel masculine, consider cigars or flasks!


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Genevieve Nisly Photography

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Klodt Photography

Though it’s a fairly recent tradition, brides have started surprising their soon-to-be-husbands by giving them a wedding gift before walking down the aisle. The two most popular presents we see – and have fallen in love with – are special occasion socks. Whether they sport a goofy design, match your color scheme, or were handmade by you, you can be sure that this gift will keep him from getting “cold feet.”

Another idea is to give your man a watch – maybe one he’s had his eye on or has wanted for awhile – with a note that says “Meet me at the altar at 4” or “Can’t wait to kiss you at 3:30.” Not only is it a sweet sentiment attached to a gift he’ll love, but it’ll also ensure that he’s not late!


Wedding Party | Karen Menyhart Photography | As seen on

If you want to bring a tear to your fiance’s eyes, consider writing her a love letter or create a custom scrapbook from relics of all your dates and photographs. You don’t have to buy something fancy or expensive. Just as long as it’s from the heart. Write a short message about how excited you are for this day, a story about your thoughts on your very first date, or remind her of a funny memory to ease her nerves. Whatever you write, she’ll definitely need a tissue.

Everyone has spent a ton of time, energy, and effort to make your dream day absolutely perfect. Treating them to a small gift to show your gratitude is the least you can do. Check out some more of our favorite gift ideas on our Pinterest and consult with these local vendors to get even more unique and customized ideas!

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