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One practice that makes planning a wedding easier is choosing a theme. Having a clear theme makes it easier to choose a color scheme, venue, decor, and more. One popular home decor and lifestyle trend has recently broken into the wedding industry. We’re talking about the minimalist look. So how can you incorporate the clean lines and simple design of this theme into your wedding? Read on to find out.


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The Shalom Imaginative

Finding a venue is one the first tasks in planning a wedding. For a minimalist look, you want a space that doesn’t have many adornments. Too many paintings, ornate curtains, or patterned rugs detract from the theme. Because of their versatility and ability to blend with any theme, tents and warehouses are the perfect blank canvas for your minimalist wedding. That’s not to say that you can’t use other venues. Barns, ballrooms, greenhouses, and gardens are all great options. A minimalist theme can work almost anywhere as it’s mostly dependent on the decor. However, it works best when the venue is beautiful enough without needing any enhancements.

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Greg Finck Photography

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Erich McVey Photography

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Marisa Albrecht Photography

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Viktoria Antal

A minimalist look doesn’t mean you put in less effort. It embodies the phrase “Less is more.” It is a simple design aesthetic where every detail is chosen for a reason. Think clean lines and neutral colors. White, black, gray, and cream are commonly used as the basis to a color scheme. While color isn’t necessarily frowned upon, it’s used in moderation.

Consider using natural, organic accent pieces like copper or steel silverware, acrylic menus or signage, wooden tables and seats, and lots and lots of greenery! A greenery runner or individual candles at varying heights are common centerpiece options. Naked tables and chairs are minimalist favorites, thought white tablecloths also create a clean surface. You may think that because there is less decor, linens, and place settings that you’ll save money, but that’s not necessarily true. The minimalist look can be quite costly. Instead of covering cheaper chairs an tables with linens, you’ll have to splurge for Chiavari, barn, or acrylic chairs and rent newer tables. Specialized cutlery may cost more than using the typical silverware your venue or caterer provides. If you have your menu, signage, or seating arrangements printed on anything other than paper, that can cost more, too.




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Ben Yew Photography

For a minimalist bouquet, incorporate lots of greenery and stick to one color. You can have a variety of flowers – roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and ranunculus – as long as they’re the same color. To add some texture and variety, consider including poppy pods, hypericum berries, or brunia berries. Overflowing, cascading bouquets are majorly popular. Your flowers are the one place where clean and conservative don’t apply. Check out our flower glossary to learn the names of flowers and greenery you love.

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Sarah Street Photography

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Martina Liana 914

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Martina Liana 994

When shopping for your wedding dress, look for simple silhouettes and minimal adornment. It’s all about being comfortable, so ballgowns, long trains, bustles, and confining corsets are not popular with minimalist weddings. Avoid appliques, embroidery, and beading. Instead, opt for ruching, draping, and lace. For a wow factor, look for dresses with open backs, slits, or even a 2-piece!

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Frost It Cupcakery

Though fondant isn’t as popular at weddings anymore, it’s definitely a staple in a minimalist wedding. It’s clay-like consistency creates smooth surfaces and clean lines. Minimal design doesn’t mean your cake will be any less impressive. Whether with shape or texture, your cake artist should be able to incorporate a simple, yet eye-catching design. Check out our cake glossary so you can ask for exactly what you want.

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The key to any wedding theme is to have vendors you trust. Professionals who understand and execute your vision will ensure the image in your head becomes a reality.

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Minimalist view, if we are going to take it literally we will be misled of what it really means. This is a great article that will help those couples finding a theme for their wedding. Try this minimalist wedding theme and you’ll experience the best wedding you’d ever have. Superb idea. Best regards to the innovator of this theme.

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