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Wedding Flower Meanings


Traditionally, brides carried flowers to ward off evil spirits. Many flowers carry a meaning and were chosen in particular to fight off any ill wishes. We’ve researched the superstitions on the most popular wedding flowers to bring the romance back into bouquets!

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Rose Bouquet | Kristine Herman Photography | As seen on

Kristine Herman Photography

Even to this day, roses represent romance. Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, and anniversaries see a lot of rose bouquets. Did you know each color represents a different type of love?

Red- Romantic feelings toward someone Pink- Gratitude, Appreciation, and Affection White- Innocence, Marriage, and New Beginnings Orange- Enthusiasm, Energy, and Passion Yellow- Friendship, Joy, and Good Health


Peonies Bouquet | John Paul Studios | As seen on

John Paul Studios

Recently dominated the wedding bouquet, the peony represents a happy life and a happy marriage. What could be more perfect?

Pink- The best choice for romance. White- The best choice when you feel regret or bashful (not the best for weddings). Red/Burgundy- It is valuable in China, as it represents honor, respect, wealth, and prosperity.

Check out our Flower Glossary for more flowers and their names!


Hydrangea Centerpiece | OH Snap! Photography | As seen on

OH Snap! Photography

Hydrangea plants are a great way to add volume and adversity to your bouquet. They make an excellent flower for a rustic, barn wedding and add an organic feel. Hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotion, and the longing to develop a deeper understanding of someone– perfect for your wedding day!

Pink- Romance, Love, Weddings Blue- Turning down a proposal, Regret, Asking for forgiveness (probably best to avoid for your big day) Purple- Desire to understand someone on a deeper level White- Purity and Bragging

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Meaningful Bouquets | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As Seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

The forgotten flower, tulips don’t often appear in bridal bouquets, though they have the most romantic past and meaning. For a spring-filled wedding exuding your undying love, choose any color tulip, as they all represent your perfect, enduring, eternal, and passionate declaration of love.

Yellow- Unrequited love Red- Passion and Perfect love Purple- Abundance of love and Prosperity Pink- Admiration and Affection White- True, pure love

Not all flowers are available in every season. Ordering flowers that aren’t in-season can be more expensive. For a budget friendly bouquet, check out this list of wedding flowers based on season!

Calla Lilies

Meaningful Bouquets | Genevieve Nisly Photography | As Seen on

Genevieve Nisly Photography

Calla lilies make a great adornment to any bouquet or boutonniere, and are perfect for a more religious ceremony, as they represent faith, purity, and beauty.

Yellow and Orange- Joy and Change Lavender and light Blue- Beauty, and Grace Red- Passion Pink- Admiration White- Purity and Innocence


Sunflowers | Ken Love Photography | as seen on

Ken Love Photography

Sunflowers are one of our favorite fall flowers. They do come in different colors. In general, sunflowers represent adoration, dedication, loyalty, good luck, and lasting happiness. All are grand aspirations for a wedding day.

White or Cream- Innocence Orange and Red- Strength and Positivity Yellow- Happiness and Long Life Burgundy- Loyalty and Support

These days, brides aren’t as superstitious when it comes to planning their wedding, but incorporating meaningful flower choices may be a great way to add a sentimental touch to your bouquet. Whichever flowers you end up choosing, you’ll look beautiful as you walk down the aisle to the rest of your life.

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