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A couple could clock hundreds of hours planning their wedding, and that’s in the limited time you have available after work. Hand over the stress and let a professional handle it so all you have to worry about are the fun parts!

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner


What exactly does a wedding planner or coordinator do? What responsibilities do they take on or leave to you? Will you even have any say in your wedding day? Their level of involvement is completely up to you! You can choose from different packages and price points, have them guide you through the process or plan the entire thing. “I customize each wedding for each couple. I give them 100% transparency and advice while respecting their top 3 desires,” says Jena from River Top Event Coordinating.

A Guiding Hand

Danica at Dreams 2 Reality Event Planning notes that most couples don’t realize that they can assist them in budgeting. “We ensure that everything you look at is in line with what you want/need to pay.” They also provide timelines so that everyone is on the same page and knows when each detail is being planned.

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While you can choose a planner who will just help you find vendors or only help you set-up on the wedding day, it’s so helpful to have someone on your side, giving advice throughout the process. “Dreams 2 Reality assists couples with budgeting for their wedding to ensure that everything they are looking for will be in line with what they want/need to pay.  We will provide them with timelines to ensure that everything is satisfied in a timely manner. “I help my couples plan and organize their budget, type and detail their guest lists, guide their vendor decisions, and organize their event – the timing, details, flow, and transportation,” Tricia from Always Eventful…Events by Tricia Dever says. ” The list of things we do is endless!”

Stress-Free Planning

As Always Eventful says, “Weddings should be about fun and love, not stress!” You only have a few hours after work each day to plan this biggest event of your life, and that’s not including exercising, cleaning, cooking, and your social life. Dreams 2 Reality “will assume all of the stress so that the couple can truly enjoy their wedding day.”


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Aside from helping you plan the details of your wedding day, a wedding coordinator also helps you on the day of the wedding! They will handle any calls, keep you on schedule, communicate with the vendors, and ensure everything is where it needs to be. “One thing most couples don’t realize I do,” Kelsey of K Cutright Wedding Coordination says “is setting up all the decorations and taking them down at the end of the night.” Have you considered who is going to tear down the centerpieces and linens after you leave? How will they be transported? “You shouldn’t have to hang the garland or put menus at every place setting the morning of your best day ever. Let me handle it!” Kelsey says.

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On-site Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

If your venue offers an on-site coordinator, you may think you don’t need a wedding planner. But there are major differences in their responsibilities! “The on-site coordinator is concerned with the food, the room setup logistics, and the venue staff. They don’t necessarily have time to worry about such things as bustling the bride’s dress, fixing a stain, steaming a veil, fixing a button, gathering the gifts, tending to late guests, etc!” Always Eventful clarifies.

It’s Your Day!

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Your wedding should not be cookie cutter. It shouldn’t look like anyone’s but your own! You and your fiance have unique, individual personalities. “My favorite part of wedding planning is getting to know a couple well enough to help them decide on little touches,” Always Eventful says. “I love incorporating their personalities into the day. It’s the little things that people remember. Consider a doggie treat table for the dog loving couple, the Mariachi music as an ode to the bride’s heritage, the Italian pastries that were made by the Bride’s grandmother!”

Keep in mind that this is your day, not your mom’s or maid-of-honor’s. “Don’t let anyone dictate how your day should go,” Dreams 2 Reality says. You should take planning advice from your family with a grain of salt according to River Top Event Coordinating. Your planner is a professional who knows what works and what doesn’t, so you should definitely respect their advice. All in all, Dreams 2 Reality reminds couples that “it’s yours, and you should have happy memories of the entire process.”

Final Advice

If there’s one piece of advice Tricia from Always Eventful could give couples it would be “Hire quality vendors! Your vendors will be the ones guiding you through the day, so be sure to hire people that you will enjoy being with on the most important day of your life!” Kelsey from K Cutright Wedding Coordination also advises couples to trust professionals when it comes to decor. “Don’t over-DIY. It sounds great to save lots of money and craft everything yourself, but it will be overwhelming and can be stressful! If you do DIY, spread the work out over the course of your wedding planning. Please do not DIY last minute!”

Wedding planning takes over your entire life, and you’ll have notes and lists everywhere – on your computer, in your binder, hanging on your fridge, in your phone, etc. Let a professional who has spent years planning numerous weddings take on the stress – it’s their job!


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