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Top Tips & Tricks from Wedding Planners


Laura Kelly Photography

Planning a wedding is like adding another full-time job to your plate. Luckily, it already is a full-time job for some people. Read below to see tips, tricks, and advice from five awesome women who plan weddings for a living!

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Always Eventful…Events by Tricia Dever

Tricia Dever

Q: Tell us about one wedding trend that you are LOVING right now and one trend you’re ready to say goodbye to.

A: I love spoiling the guests. I really love the trend of having food and treats spread throughout the entire night. Great cocktail hours, charcuterie, delicious meals, late night treats, and favors to go — that is the best! But one trend that I will not miss is the long-standing garter and bouquet tosses. I have fewer and fewer couples doing that, and I honestly do not miss it!

Q: What is the most unique wedding that you have ever planned?

A: Every wedding is special because every couple is unique. Their story, their families, their details are all unique — so my goal planning every wedding is to help that couple find the unique in their day. I have planned weddings in barns, abandoned buildings, mansions, restaurants that have never held a wedding before…if a couple has a vision, I’ll make it work! One unique wedding was several years ago in Put-In-Bay. Because it is on an island, all rentals, linens, chairs, dishes – everything needed to come onto the island via ferry! The set up was intense! We were transported via golf carts and trolleys, they had a steel drum band during cocktail hour and a Mariachi band for reception dancing, and there was an old-fashioned clam bake – a Martha Stewart wedding on Put-In-Bay!

Lindsey Beckwith Photography

Lindsey Beckwith Photography

One Red Door Photography

Elegant Events by Maria

Q: Wedding planners know the scoop on local vendors and have connections with them. Why is this a benefit in the planning process?

Maria Kovacevich

A: An example that comes to mind is when a florist posted fake photos on their Instagram page, and the bride booked on what she thought their creativity was. The day came, and the centerpieces were not at all what we expected. I had to call three florists to construct 50 centerpieces and redo the floral wall! The bride was so grateful – but it was a huge mess! It just shows how much hiring a wedding planner can make a difference. We know what vendors you can count on, so you’ll never have to worry about being let down. We have relationships with vendors, so if something goes wrong, we know who to call.


Q: What’s your trick for staying within a wedding budget without sacrificing quality?

A: The saying, “You get what you pay for,” is so true! Hiring a DJ who doesn’t charge much can seem like an attractive idea, but finding someone to step in on your wedding day when your DJ shows up with a boom box won’t be so cheap! It’s all about having connections. My team and I know when certain vendors are running promotions or specials. We might not recommend hiring the cheapest vendor on the market, but often we can score you a sweet deal on a reliable vendor with quality work.

One Red Door Photography

Regovich Imaging

Regovich Imaging

Lindsey Zern Photography

K. Cutright Wedding Coordination + Design

Q: There is SO much to be inspired by in the wedding industry, from the beautiful aesthetics to the love stories themselves. What inspires you the most? 

Kelsey Cutright

A: The people I meet! I love adding in touches that are unique to the couple I’m working with. I love browsing through Pinterest, but everything can look pretty generic. By learning about a couple, I can add in touches that take their wedding from “Broad Pinterest” to “Perfectly Them.” I’ve used national parks postcards as table numbers, given out homemade dog treats for guests’ favorite pups, and crafted a beer menu that told the couple’s love story.

Q: Planning a wedding is a ton of work. A wedding planner can serve as the main point-of-contact for your vendors! Besides this, what do you think is the biggest benefit of hiring a wedding planner? 

A: Peace of mind. They help you choose the best vendors, create the wedding vision you have in your head, and make the perfect timeline for your wedding. Unlike generic online planning lists, wedding planners create custom to-do lists for you.  And although family and friends want to help set up before the wedding, a planner will take charge and execute your exact vision. No more wedding parties around to put out table décor – your wedding planner can do that! You can relax and enjoy your day knowing you’re in good hands.


Lindsey Zern Photography

Lindsey Zern Photography

Lindsey Zern Photography

Nathan Migal Photography

Lorenda Howell Events

Q: Many couples want to take advantage of the event coordination services included in their venue booking. Why might they need a wedding planner, too? 

Lorenda Howell

A: A venue coordinator works specifically for the venue and only handles details pertaining to the venue itself, whereas your planner works specifically for YOU. We are advocates between you and all of your vendors – including the venue. Planners are responsible for managing all of the details of your entire wedding. We get to know your personality and unique style. We will fight for your vision from start to finish. With a venue coordinator, when it comes to anything outside of the venue, you’re on your own.

Q: How much does planning a wedding really cost? 

A: This is such a common question, but there isn’t just one correct answer! There are many factors at play – location, guest count, and décor, just to name a few. And no two events are the same! So, it’s tough to put one price on all those variables. What I do know is this: you control your budget. I’ll advise, manage, and guide you, but ultimately you control it.  I like to chat, understand your priorities, expectations, and ideas, and then price my services based on what works best for you. I believe a budget is just a list of priorities with numbers attached to it, and if you look at it that way, you’re always in control of how your money is spent.

Nathan Migal Photography

Nathan Migal Photography

Shillawna Ruffner Photography

River Top Event Coordinating

Q: Rips, spills, tears, you’ve seen it all. What item is a MUST-HAVE in your day-of emergency bag?

A: There are three items that are ALWAYS in my day-of-ceremony bag: clear tape, green golf tees, and deodorant. Clear tape for a million reasons, from mending a hem really quickly to marking a spot on the floor – it’s my go-to quick fix. Green golf tees to mark where everyone stands for outdoor ceremonies; that way, everyone looks nice and centered in pictures (and the tee blends in with the grass!). The deodorant is for taming flyaways, reducing friction on shoes and legs, and freshening up a stinky and sticky bridal party.

Jena Eichler

Q: Crisis averted! Tell us about a time something went wrong at one of your weddings. How did you save the day? 

A: At my husband’s cousin’s wedding, I was off duty and a groomsman split his pants from front to back as they were getting into the car to go to the ceremony. I started googling alteration places that were on the way to get him in and get it fixed, while also trying to figure out a way to find a mending kit myself just in case I had to fix it. You’re never really off duty as a wedding planner, I guess!

Q: How can hiring you help brides and grooms actually SAVE money? 

A: I get this question a lot! Spending the money on a wedding planner might actually save you money in the long run. How? Well, it all comes down to each couple! What do you truly want on your wedding day? We focus on that, and then we can go down my details list and strike some things out or trim them down. For some, this might mean managing the food and beverages and making sure that the order is down to the exact penny. For others, it might mean choosing seasonal flowers instead of out-of-season peonies (which can cost 10 times more in the fall when they are out of bloom and have to be shipped from another country). You might not know all of the tips and tricks of the trade, because this is the first wedding you have ever planned. I know where nd how to save money because I’ve done this before – it’s my job!

Q: What trends inspire you most in your work? 

A: Two trends I love right now are nature and older homes coming back to life. I tend to get my color inspirations from nature and places that I’ve traveled, like the crisp white and different hues of blue of the mountains and the dark woody colors of the forest – all great colors you can incorporate into a wedding color palette. As for older homes coming back to life, I love the little details being saved: crystal door knobs, intricate wood flooring designs, and hidden wallpaper.

Allison Ewing Photography

Allison Ewing Photography

If you have no idea where to begin, can’t keep track of what needs to be done, or simply don’t have enough time in your day, consider hiring a wedding planner to make the wedding planning process a breeze. Click HERE to view more wedding planners.




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