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Local Florists Create Bouquets Inspired by Jewels


In the most recent edition of Today’s Bride Akron/Canton magazine, we asked local florists to seek inspiration from jewels to create original bouquets. Keep reading to see what they came up with!

Sapphire – Acme Fresh Market

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Sapphires are considered a reflection of the heavens. They symbolize wisdom, virtue, joy, and prosperity. Good fortune, faithfulness, and sincerity are also symbolized in this precious stone, which perfectly matches the sentiments of a wedding day. 

Made famous by Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton, sapphire engagement rings have grown in popularity over the years. This bouquet designed by Acme Fresh Market accents this jewel perfectly! The white roses and calla lilies break up a sea of blue hydrangeas. Sprinkled with blue glitter and jewels, this bouquet is timeless and sophisticated.

Emerald – Acme Fresh Market

Bouquets | OH Snap! Photography | Acme Fresh Market | As seen on
OH Snap! Photography

This emerald bouquet is made up of white hydrangeas, roses, and calla lilies. The white rose symbolizes new beginnings and marriage while white hydrangeas and calla lilies both symbolize purity. The eucalyptus, bracken fern, and lemon leaves for an emerald touch without being too overwhelming! To add even more emerald, Acme Fresh Market added green glitter to the petals of the roses and calla lilies. 

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The emerald connects and aligns to the heart chakra. This allows one to be more open to accepting love. It also symbolizes growing together as one, peace, and balance – all traits you’ll need in your new marriage.

Amethyst – The Bouquet Shop

Bouquets | OH Snap! Photography | The Bouquet Shop | As seen on
OH Snap! Photography

Nerves and butterflies are quite common on your wedding day. Amethyst has calming properties! Incorporate a few of these stones in your bouquet, hair, or dress to help settle any nerves. It’s also the February birthstone, so if you’re getting married during February, want to honor a loved one with a February birthday, or you have a February birthday, this bouquet is perfect!

Just as there are many shades of purple, there are many varieties of flowers that bloom purple! Choose one shade to match your color scheme or combine a variety for textural diversity. This bouquet by The Bouquet Shop contains zinnias, daisies, lisianthus, dahlias, roses, anemones, and more!

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Topaz – Buehler’s

Bouquets | OH Snap! Photography | Buehler's | As seen on
OH Snap! Photography

Calling all fall brides! A topaz bouquet is meant for you. Topaz can be a yellow or orange-y color. Therefore, it’s not a super popular gem. That is, until autumn rolls around! The vibrant orange/yellow is complimented by red, maroon, and purple to create the perfect fall bouquet.

This bouquet by Buehler’s is made up of mums, symbolizing joy, zinnia, symbolizing lasting affection, black-eyed Susan, celosia, and Queen Anne’s lace. Pair that with the topaz coloring, symbolizing love and affection for a sentimental bouquet!

Diamond – Buehler’s

Bouquets | OH Snap! Photography | Buehler's | As seen on
OH Snap! Photography

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! While a diamond-inspired bouquet should have some bling, it can’t detract from the wedding ring. That’s what makes this subtle yet elegant bouquet by Buehler’s so perfect! Orchids represent love, beauty, and strength while ranunculus stand for charm and attractiveness. Dahlias symbolize dignity and elegance – all things a bride wants to embody on her wedding day!

One reason diamonds are so popular for engagement rings is because they represent true and everlasting love. It’s also a very hard and strong substance, making it difficult to break – like the bonds of marriage!

Morganite – Nikki’s Perfect Petal Shop

Bouquets | OH Snap! Photography | Nikki's Perfect Petals | As seen on
OH Snap! Photography

Morganite is a stone of compassion, assurance, and promise. It’s rose gold/blush tone is also super on-trend! Like the emerald, it aligns the heart chakra, attracting and maintaining love. 

Though this bouquet by Nikki’s Perfect Petals screams morganite, it’s accented by shades of gold, and green, too. This allows the pink to pop as the center stage component. With a variety of succulents, lemon leaves, a protea, and pink roses – which symbolize affection – this bouquet is perfect for any season.

Find Local FLORISTS:

Local florists know the latest trends and can execute them flawlessly. Give them some inspiration, and just watch what they can create! Check back next week to see the cake counterparts to these popular gems.


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