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Bouquet Toss Alternatives


Some wedding traditions just don’t apply to today’s society. Like the bouquet toss, which started because single women wanted to obtain some of the bride’s good luck. We’ve come up with a few modern and fun options for your bouquet toss.

Who has the key?

Lock up your bouquet or some kind of gift – like a gift certificate for a massage or a Kate Spade purse – in a box or chest. Pass out keys to every woman attending or just the single girls. Whoever’s key unlocks the box gets the prize! You can get creative with gift ideas for this fun alternative. There is a downside, though. If the box opens before everyone gets a chance to try their key, some guests will be disappointed.

Dance Contest

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Britani Edwards Photography

Invite the women out to the dance floor for a dance-off. The bride stands as judge with the trophy (bouquet) and decide who has the best moves. To make things even more fun, let the rest of the reception guests decide the winner! Ask your DJ about some fun song options for this!

Don’t forget to check out this playlist of the most popular songs for your reception.

Anniversary Dance

A popular alternative involves including every guest. Invite all couples to the floor and have the emcee call out different marriage lengths at increasing intervals – like one year, ten years, and 25 years. If the couple has been married for that length of time or longer, they stay on the floor; if not, they must sit down. Whichever couple is the last standing gets the bouquet.

Gift to your Parents

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Anna Delores Photography

Your parents have done so much for you throughout the years. They probably helped out a lot during this planning process, too. One beautiful way to thank your mother and mother-in-law is by gifting one to each of them. You should give a speech of gratitude and love, since you’ll have all eyes on you. Be prepared for tears!

Whether you gift your bouquet or not, you should definitely show your parents some gratitude with a special present. Check out our favorite mother-of gifts and father-of gift ideas!

Fun for all

You can make your toss fun for all guests by tossing something other than flowers. Make a “bouquet” of scratch-off tickets, dollar bills, or any other creative ideas you can think of. Both the bride and the groom can toss one to the crowd! This is a great way to bring some excitement to the reception before the dancing gets started. Plus, it includes everyone and eliminates both the bouquet toss and the garter toss.

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OH Snap! Photography

You can try these trends – or create your own – to add a unique and modern touch to your wedding reception. One day, these new trends might just replace the traditions.

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