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Picture-Worthy Moments to Practice Before Your Wedding Day


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You might feel like you don’t need to practice picture-worthy moments of your wedding day. After all, most things just come naturally between you and your fiancé. However, when you combine the stress of the day mixed with all eyes on you, it’s best to be on the same page. Especially when it comes to those extra special, picture-worthy moments. Here are four things to practice with your fiancé (or at least have a conversation about) before your wedding day to ensure that you get awesome shots in your wedding photos and video.

The First Kiss

Picture this: the officiant has just announced you as husband and wife and says “you may now kiss the bride.” ALL eyes are on you and your spouse at this moment. You lean in for a regular kiss, but they come in all hot and heavy. Not only will this be embarrassing, it might make your guests slightly uncomfortable. And more than anything — your first kiss won’t photograph very well. Before the big day, take the time to practice this special kiss. Talk about the approach, duration, and what to do with your hands. It might sound silly, but it will make a difference! Look at photos from some real weddings to get inspiration!

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The Recessional

Directly following your first kiss, you’ll walk down the aisle past all your loved ones during the recessional. This is such a special moment that you’ll want to remember forever. The photographer will most likely grab a shot of you and your spouse at the end of the aisle. While you might not need to practice, you should at least have a conversation about what you’re going to do so you’re on the same page. Some options to consider are: celebrating with your hands up, sharing another kiss, having your spouse “dip” you. There are plenty of options, but what’s important is that you have a conversation about it beforehand so you get a lovely photo during a special moment. Check out some popular recessional songs to make this moment even more special. 

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The First Dance

Just like your first kiss, your first dance might seem like a piece of cake. Why would you need to practice something so straight-forward? The answer is simple: it’s a special moment you’ll look back on in photographs forever. Once you choose the song for your first dance, set some time aside to practice. It’s even more important to practice if you don’t dance often and your partner plans to spin or dip you. Look up “first dance videos” on YouTube and have fun with it! Practicing beforehand will allow you to make special memories and will make your first dance even more unforgettable.

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Mallory + Justin | The Heartlanders Collective

Mallory + Justin | The Heartlanders Collective

The Reception Entrance & Exit

The entrance and exit to your reception are two additional picture-worthy moments from your special day.  You can really let your personalities shine! However, you should at least have a conversation about what you each plan to do so you’re on the same page. If your spouse plans to enter the reception by sliding on his knees playing the air guitar, but you’re expecting him to twirl you like a princess on the dance floor, it could get awkward. Same goes with the exit…whether you’re exiting to sparklers, bubbles, or cheers from your loved ones, just make sure to have a plan to make the moment exactly what YOU want to see in your cherished wedding photos.  

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too much awesomeness

too much awesomeness

too much awesomeness

At the end of the day, these four picture-worthy moments seem straight-forward and second nature. But taking the time to practice (or talk through them) will leave you with stunning photos to cherish for the rest of your lives!

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