b'Rustic to refinedBarn weddings are always popular in Northeast Ohio because of their picturesque scenery, indoor and outdoor spaces, and the versatility that allows couples to decorate however they please! But because these spaces have been in vogue for so many years now, rustic decor has a reputation of being chee-sey and unoriginal. Shake things up at your barn wedding by substituting some of these common rustic wedding features with up-and-coming must-haves! LITTLE CHERRY CAKE COMPANY INDIA EARL PHOTOGRAPHYINSTEAD OF: Naked cakes TRY: Textured buttercreamCorrect us if were wrong, but everyones favorite part of a cake is the icing! Give your guests what they want by opting for a tiered cake with textured buttercream. Whether your baker uses paint strokes, swirls, or piped pearls, your cake will look just as prettyand taste even better.HANNAH BUSING PHOTOGRAPHYMARISA ALBRECHT PHOTOGRAPHYINSTEAD OF: Burlap TRY: White chiffonBurlap is brown, scratchy, and used to carry potatoes. Its not meant to play a prominent role in one of the most elegant and memorable events in your life. Drape white chiffon from the ceiling beams, use it as a table runner, or tie it back at the entrance to elevateyour barns atmosphere without breaking the budget. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHYAXIOOINSTEAD OF: Babys Breath TRY: BoxwoodNeutral-toned wedding bouquets are trending, but adding texture and diversity to your bouquet is important for an eye-catching arrangement! While were not opposed to using babys breathsparingly, consider using wax flowers, eucalyptus leaves, or box-wood as a filler instead.122T ODAYS BRIDE|WAYNE COUNTY'