b'Some of the trendiestcenterpieces right now include pampas grass, mixed metalcandlesticks, and placecards that your guests can takehome as favors.Centerpieces The most commonly used centerpieces contain flowers, can-dles, or a combination of both. The arrangement you choose plays a big part in setting the atmosphere for the evening, and the rest of the decor should play off of that design. Your centerpiece doesnt have to stand alone! Incorporate vases, pedestals, or accent pieces into the display that reflect your theme, whether its rustic, vintage, or modern.BudgetBefore meeting with a florist or rental company, consider your budget. Some of the pictures youve pinned or printed off of gorgeous, jaw-dropping displays may cost more than $1,500 youre expecting to pay. Use these photos to give you inspiration to design your own arrangements, not anAARON AND JILLIAN PHOTOGRAPHY is the average cost exact replica. Discuss your ideas, vision, and budget, of wedding flowers and then come up with a realistic display that balances all three!HeightAnother aspect to consider when choosing your centerpieces is height. To encourage mingling, your guests should be able to see each other from across the table. Try to avoid choosing a vase or pedestal that raises the arrangement directly into your guests line of sight. Choosing a tall arrangement will allow your guests to speak freely and easily pass the salt or butter. But while they look stunning from a panoramic or distant view, your guests wont have an appealing view of them from below. To compromise, include candles around the base of the vase or choose a colored or textured linen.Table numbers LINDSAY HACKNEY-PHOTOGRAPHYPAYTON HARTSELL PHOTOGRAPHY If you have any sort of seating arrangement, your tables should be numbered so your guests know where to sit. Blending this table number into your centerpieces so you dont upset the integrity of the design is very important. You can stick a custom-made scripted number into a flower arrangement, wrap a tag around the vase, try a wooden or concrete block with a bold number, or adorn wine bottles with custom labels! One adorable and sentimental trend is to frame photos of you and your fianc at an age that corresponds with the table number (six years old for table six, for example).DIY A wonderful way to DIY your centerpieces is to create a display us-ing varieties of vases or candle holders. Wine bottles have become extremely popular and are perfect for a vineyard wedding! Com-bine varying colors and heights and stick a few flower stems into each one. The contrasting heights of a display like this will add in- SHELBY RAE PHOTOGRAPHS trigue and interest, which draws more attention from your guests!128TODAYS BRIDE|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|FLOWERS'