b'Jump-start your bridal beauty routineBridal beauty doesnt have to start and end on your wedding day. Incorporate these practices into your beauty regimen so that you go into your wedding day feeling healthy, confident, and beautifulbecause you are!3-5 months Find hair and makeup stylist(s). Have your first hair and make-up trial appointment.1-2 months Start using self-tanning lotion. Get a facial. 2 weeksSkin Hair Wellness Have a final trial hair andExfoliate once every two weeks.Switch to silk pillowcases.Fill up with protein-filled foods. makeup appointment.Get a final trim and colorUse a mask once a week.Use a microfiber towel.Drink water and cut out sugary, touch-up. Moisturize, moisturize,Skip the blow dryer and try airempty-calorie drinks like soda. moisturize. drying instead.Develop an exercise plan. Week-ofUse fresh aloe.Only wash it three times a weekPractice yoga or meditation to Get a manicure and pedicure.Drink lots of water. or every other day. clear your mind.Get a full body massage. Wash your pillow cases and Get regular trimsabout every Get at least eight hours of sleepGet a facial.phone screen often. three to six months. each night.Bikini, eyebrow, and under armAvoid touching your face. Use an at-home hair mask onceDont try any fad diets to losewax, and shave your legs.Remove your makeup every every two weeks, or more often ifweight without talking to your Get a spray tan. night before bed. your hair is dry or damaged. doctor first.80TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BEAUTY & HEALTH'