b'Planning a wedding is like adding another full-time job to your plate! Luckily, it already is a full-time job forsome people. If you have no idea where to begin, cant keep track of what needs to be done, or, simply, dont have enough time in your day, consider hiring a wedding planner. ALLISON EWING PHOTOGRAPHY NATHAN MIGAL PHOTOGRAPHY SHILLAWNA RUFFNER PHOTOGRAPHYALLISON EWING PHOTOGRAPHYSHILLAWNA RUFFNER PHOTOGRAPHYLorenda Howell EventsRiver Top Event Co[email protected]rivertopevents 330-718-6181 317-847-6034Many couples want to take advantage of theRips, spills, tears, youve seen it all. What itemthat the order is down to the exact penny. For event coordination services included in theiris a MUST-HAVE in your day-of emergency bag?others, it might mean choosing seasonal flow-venue booking. Why might they need a wed- There are three items that are ALWAYS in myers instead of out-of-season peonies (which can ding planner too? A venue coordinator worksday-of-ceremonybag:cleartape,greengolfcost 10 times more in the fall when they are out specificallyforthevenueandonlyhandlestees, and deodorant. Clear tape for a millionof bloom and have to be shipped from anoth-details pertaining to the venue itself, whereasreasons, from mending a hem really quicklyer country). You might not know all of the tips your planner works specifically for YOU. We areto marking a spot on the floorits my go-toand tricks of the trade, because this is the first advocates between you and all of your vendorsquick fix. Green golf tees to mark where every- wedding you have ever planned. I know whereincluding the venue. Planners are responsi- one stands for outdoor ceremonies; that way,and how to save money, because Ive done this ble for managing all of the details of your en- everyone looks nice and centered in picturesbeforeits my job!tire wedding. We get to know your personality(and the tee blends in with the grass!). The de-anduniquestyle.Weodorant is for taming flyaways, reducing fric-will fight for your visiontion on shoes and legs, and freshening up aSpending theTHIS OLD SOUL PHOTOGRAPHYfrom start to finish. Withstinky and sticky bridal party.avenuecoordinator,Crisis averted! Tell us about a time somethingmoney on awhen it comes to any-thing outside of the ven- went wrong at one of your weddings. How didwedding planner ue, youre on your own. you save the day?At my husbands cousinsmight actually wedding, I was off duty and a groomsman split Howmuchdoesplan- his pants from front to back as they were get-save you money,ningaweddingreallyting into the car to go to the ceremony. I start-cost? This is such a com- ed googling alteration places that were on thein the long run. mon question, but there Lorenda Howell way to get him in and get it fixed, while alsoJena Eichlerisnt just one correct an- trying to figure out a way to find a mending kit swer! There are many factors at playlocation,myself just in case I had to fix it. Youre neverWhat trends inspire you most in your work? guest count, and dcor, just to name a few.really off duty as a wedding planner, I guess! Two trends I love right now are nature and old-And no two events are the same! So, its toughHow can hiring you help brides and groomser homes coming back to life. I tend to get my to put one price on all those variables. What I do know is this: you control your budget. IllactuallySAVE$$?Igetthisquestionalot!color inspirations from nature and places that advise, manage, and guide you, but ultimate- Spending the money on a wedding plannerIve traveled, like the crisp white and different ly you control it. I like to chat, understand yourmight actually save you money, in the long run.hues of blue of the mountains and the dark priorities,expectations,andideas,andthenHow? Well, it all comes down to each couple!woody colors of the forestall great colors price my services based on what works best forWhat do you truly want on your wedding day?you can incorporate into a wedding color pal-you. I believe a budget is just a list of prioritiesWe focus on that, and then we can go down myette. As for older homes coming back to life, I with numbers attached to it, and if you look atdetails list and strike some things out or trimlove the little details being saved: crystal door it that way, youre always in control of how yourthem down. For some, this might mean man- knobs,intricatewoodflooringdesigns,and money is spent. aging the food and beverages and making surehidden wallpaper. SPECIAL SECTION '