b'Lets shop AVAILABLE AT DOREEN LEAF DESIGNSYouve probably spent at least one afternoon binge-watching a marathon of "Say Yes to the Dress" and feel fully prepared for your dress shopping ap-pointment. However, your scheduled appointment time will fly by quickly, and the last thing you want to do is leave the store disappointed, discouraged, and empty handed. We have afew tips to prepare you for thisESSENSE OF AUSTRALIA | STYLE D3157experience and ensure you find the dress of your dreams!Start looking 12+ monthsbefore your wedding AVAILABLE AT It generally takes six monthsGALLERIA GOWNSto receive your gown, and you should allow for at least two fittings to ensure a perfect fit. However, allowing too much time between falling in love with your gown and walking down AVAILABLE AT the aisle in it can lead to ques- THE WINNERtioning your decision, FOMO, and nerves about it fitting properly. Twelve months will allow for enough time to find the gown and have it ordered,ALLURE BRIDAL | STYLE 9803SHERRI HILL | STYLE 71038shipped, and fitted.Limit your store selectionto two or three If you try to stop by every bridal shop in the area, youll end up forgetting which dresses you tried on, which dresses you loved, where you want to return, etc. Research beforehand toAVAILABLE ATAVAILABLE AT LAVENDER BRIDAL choose shops that offer differ- TLC BRIDAL &SALONFORMAL LLCent designers. This will make it easier to remember which store had the dress you loved and will allow you to see different styles, rather than the same dress again and again.Bring heels similar in height to your wedding shoesIf you find the dress, the consultant and alterations staff will take your measurements to order your gown. Its important to wear shoes similar in height to your wedding shoes so there are minimal alteration chang-es to be made when the dress arrives. TRUDY LEIGH COUTUREBELOVED BY CASABLANCA | STYLE BL354 CALLIEBRIDAL ATTIRE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO| TODAYS BRIDE 21'