b'A long, trailing ribbon is the perfect bouquet wrap for the boho bride. HEART IN HAND PORTRAITSWays to wrap your stemsAfter youve sat down with your florist and decided the flowers you want, you may think your job is done. Because the bouquet wrap isnt as visible to your guests,LESLIE D PHOTOGRAPHYNATALIE PLUCK PHOTOGRAPHYit often gets forgotten or over-looked, but its one more de-tail that needs your attention. If you dont specify the type of bouquet wrap you want, your florist will likely just use a neutral ribbon and keep it very simple.However, one of the trends today is to use a statement ribbonlike cop-per or velvet. Your florist will then leave the ribbon long, letting it flow past the stems to add another dimension to your bouquet.GREY GARDEN CREATIVEIf you want to use something sentimentallike lace from your mothers dress or your grandfathers tie, (what a beautiful way to incorporate something borrowed or old!)let your florist know in advance so they can prepare for that. Youll also need to drop this fabric off in advance so they can experiment with different tying options and bouquet shapes.LINDSAY HACKNEY PHOTOGRAPHY HANNAH CESSNA PHOTOGRAPHY / GARDEN BY THE GATE FLORALFLOWERS|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 133'