b'8-12 MONTHS ENTERTAINMENT CHELLISE MICHAEL PHOTOGRAPHYLINDSAY HACKNEY PHOTOGRAPHY ANNA DELORES PHOTOGRAPHYARIELLE PETERS PHOTOGRAPHY MARISSA CAMINO PHOTOGRAPHYIts all in the detailsEntertainment can be Contract points Ask about and confirm deposit requirements, payment plans, and so much more than justfinal deadlines. music! Consider hiringMake sure a cancellation/refund policy is included. If somethinga caricaturist, games happens to a musician whos not under contract, you could end master, or silent disco up without wedding music.for a fun twist!Find out about any hidden fees or extra costs they may have.Attire guidelines Let your performers know the dress code.TimingConfirm arrival times. You should expect them to arrive an hour QUESTIONS TO ASK in advance and plan on contracting them for at least four hours.Ask about breaks and continuous flow. As your reception willWho will be performing? Do you emcee the reception?most likely last around four hours, odds are that your performerCan I see you perform priorwill have to take a break at some point. to my wedding?Will you help structureHave you performed at mythe timeline? Equipmentvenue before? Do you provide aFigure out what the equipment requirements are, such as power Will there be an assistant tomicrophone for toasts? outlets, space needed, speakers, and any equipment that you mayhelp? What if the reception be expected to supply. How much space will youruns long? Ask your reception venue whether the facility has any restrictionsneed? Do you have a standard on the number of musicians and pieces of equipment you may How many hours will I have? music list?bring in. You should also ask about electrical power supply andou require breaks? Will you take requests noise limitations. Do y at the reception?Will you have music Introductionsplaying during breaks?Inform your DJ or bandleader on how to properly pronounce the names of your bridal party and their relationship to the newly-Dont forget to ask the general questions on page 4 weds (maid-of-honor, parents of the bride, etc.).96 TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|ENTERTAINMENT'