b'WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY ZANE PERSAUD PHOTOBUTTERFLY KISSES PHOTOGRAPHY CRAIG OBRIST PHOTOGRAPHYShould we hire The best of botha DJ or live band? Why limit yourself to just a DJ or just a band when youcan have both? A lot of entertainment companies offer both In our opinion, you cant go wrong either way. However, there services, so you dont have to worry about working with two are specific benefits to each option, so heres our breakdown of different companies or paying for two deposits. the issue: Hire a band to play at the cocktail hour and during dinner. If versatility is a priority, disc jockeys cant be beat. Live bands bring an entirely different energy to every Their repertoire can include practically every song ever recordedand if they dont currently have81% performance. As soon as your guests walk in, theyll be excited and eager to start the party. This is the access to your favorite tune, a well-connected DJ perfect time to include songs you love that may not be will be able to get it. of guests say the dance-worthy or to have a fun karaoke option! Extend Its important to note that disc jockeys do moreentertainment istheir performance into the beginning of the reception what they rememberthan just shuffle songsthey also emcee the eventthe most by having them sing the songs to your first dance, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. If yourmother-son, and father-daughter dances. Because the guests dont seem to be dancing or enjoying themselves,song is being sung just for you, it is a truly one-of-a-kind the DJ can easily and smoothly transition to a new song thatmoment, unlike any other wedding that has used that song.gets your crowd excited. Because they can walk away from the When youre ready to open up the dance floor, have the DJ music while its playing, theyre also free to interact with the crowdstep in. He or she will be able to play all the current chart and make sure your guests are having a good time.toppers, older classics, and hits everyone loves. They can easily However, the energy a live band can provide to your reception, istransition from one song to another based on how the crowd contagious. Like having a private concert just for you, your closestis feeling. And because theyre not singing, they can interact friends, and family, your guests will witness something truly specialwith the crowd without pausing the music. DJs are perfect for and one-of-a-kind at your reception, as no live performance canrequesting songs because their library is virtually limitless! ever be repeated.Odds are, they have whatever song your guests want to hear.Overall, the decision to hire a DJ or live band is up to you, as theyDJs and live bands are so different and provide a completely each offer a completely different atmosphere for your reception.different atmosphere for your reception. How can you choose Though theyre both very different, youre sure to make memoriesbetween them? Talk to your entertainment company about out on the dance floor either way.options for incorporating both into your wedding.98TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|ENTERTAINMENT'