b'8-12 MONTHS BAR SERVICEConsidering an openbar? Ask your catering manager to give you a heads up when youre approaching your budget limit, then decide if an open bar works for you.Booze cluesHow long should service be available?Be sure to arrange for bar service that lasts as long as thereception itself (the average wedding reception lasts between four to six hours). Customarily, the bar will close during dinner service, which will save you money. Alcohol service should end an hour before the end of your reception, but you should make provisions for non-alcoholic beverages to be served until the reception is over.What are my drink options?You can choose to have a full bar or simply serve wine andbeer as a more cost-effective option. If you want to includeliquor as an option but dont want the cost of a full bar, consider a signature cocktail! If youre holding a dry wedding, you can haveWHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY more options than just water, soda, and tea. Try mixing things up with a mocktail! Pink lemonade spritzers, dry Less thanpomegranate cosmos, and virgin daiquiris are all great 10% options to offer your guests!How much alcohol do I need?of couples optto have a Remember that only your guests that are 21 or older dry wedding will be drinking alcohol and that each guest will have about one drink per hour. If youre having 100 guests over the age of 21, you can assume that 50% of them will drink wine, 20% will drink beer, and 30% will have liquor of some kind. These numbers are flexible, though, and vary depending on your guests preferences. Once you have your final guest list, use the calculator on page 68 to find out how much you need!QUESTIONS TO ASK How will we be charged?Fee for additional Do you offer top-shelfbartenders? liquor?Do you supply otherill extras be refunded? beverages?WIf no, can we take home Is gratuity included in thepackage? How much?the extras? Is a champagne toastIs there a corkage charge?included?Corkage is a fee to open wine that you supply.Do you close during meal How many bartenders willservice?there be?Dont forget to ask the general questions on page 4 MANGO STUDIOS66 TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BAR SERVICE'