b"LINDSAY HACKNEY PHOTOGRAPHY DU SOLEIL PHOTOGRAPHIEJAIME DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHYCAKE INKHow muchcake do I need?If youre trying to make a6 inches 10 servingsgrand statement with a tall8 inches20-24 servingscake by adding fake layers 10 inches30-38 servingsof styrofoam, youll be dis- 12 inches45-58 servingsappointed to find out that the cost isnt all that muchExample: cheaper! Opt for a layer ofIf you want a three-tiered cake cake insteadits always and you have 80 guests, you will JESSICA RAPHAEL PHOTOGRAPHYNICHOLAS GORE WEDDINGSbetter to have too much want at least a 12-inch, a 10-than not enough. inch, and an 8-inch cake. This equals 120 servings.QUESTIONS TO ASK Do you have a cakeAre cakes charged by portfolio?the slice or tier?Are your designsDo you offer cake accessories?customizable? Do you offer other options?Can you match my colors? Can you provide a box/What flavors do you offer?wrapping for the top tierCan I do a taste test of of the cake?the flavors? When do I need to order?How far in advance are the Is there a delivery or set-up cakes prepared?charge? Do you provide cake- When will the cake be cutting services? delivered/set up?Don't forget to ask the general questions on page 4 SHELBY RAE PHOTOGRAPHSCAKE & DESSERTS|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 153"