b'How to weatherproofoutdoor weddingsRemembering to grab your own umbrella is one thing, butits a much bigger task to worry about keeping yourself and your guests dry and entertained at an outdoor wedding.Its impossible to know exactly what kind of weather your wedding day will bring. But with some planning, you can prevent bad weather from ruining your big day.In case of heat Designate someone to smoothY oull need to weatherproofdown your dress and veil.Youyour make-up for a summercan even sew small weights celebrationno bride enjoysinto the hem of your veil or having foundation runningdress to keep things steady.down her face. Talk to yourAnchor floral arrangements stylist to come up with a lookwith landscaping stakes to that works. keep them from toppling over.Use fan-style programs.In case of coldTheyre creative and Have a jacket on hand. You functional. may not want to wear itHand out mini battery-during your ceremony or pictures, but it will come in operated fans as favors. Guestshandy the rest of the time. If will definitely appreciate theyou customize a leather or gesture on a muggy day! jean jacket with the words Serve beverages Bride or Wifey on the Ohio before and after theback, it could make for aweather ranges ceremony. Mostcute photo-op!from 65 Fguests wont have Rent propane patio heaters time to stop and to 90F get a drink some- to keep your guests warm.June through where, but theyKeep warm beverages onSeptember might love to grab stand-bythink coffee, tea, a lemonade on thecocoa, and hot apple cider.way to their seats.Provide a basket of blanketsStrategically place a few for guests to share. EMILY WARFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY electric fans to blow over In case of rainthe crowd. Wear waterproof makeup. Consider getting air condi-Choose shoes that wont sink tioning for an outdoor tent,into the ground or stickespecially if your guests willrubber/plastic protectors on be dancing there. your heels. If your reception takes place Encourage guests to bring during evening hours, the umbrellas on your wedding heat and lights in the tentwebsite, just in case.could become a magnetBuy inexpensive umbrellas for mosquitoes and otherin your wedding colors for annoying insects. Tent walls,guests who forget to bring citronella candles, and bugtheir own.spray can combat this.Ask the coordinator at your In case of wind ceremony/reception venueHave hair spray and bobbyif they have an indoor LINDSAY HACKNEY PHOTOGRAPHYGREY GARDEN CREATIVE pins on hand for your hair. back-up plan.50TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|VENUES'