b'0-3 MONTHS VOWSThe best writers are avid readers! Look online for examples of other peoples vows to inspire your own writing and get yours started.Four tips forwriting your vows1.Write down a list of words that immediately come to mind when you think about your partner. Use those words as inspiration when you get stuck.2.Dont take it too seriously or stress out about making it perfect. Your vows should reflect your relationship! Working too hard to find the perfect adjective or making your words sound poetic will come across as insincere, so just speak from your heart!3.If you get stuck, walk away from it to clear your head.4.Practice makes perfect! Read your vows out loud at least three times to make sure they sound smooth, but not rehearsed, and that youre not talking too fast.WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHYVOWS|0-3 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 177'