b'PLANNERS BALSAM & BLUSH PHOTOGRAPHYNEW IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHYDetails by Dr. ArlondaEileen Benson Events Elegant Events by Mariawww.detailsbydrarlonda.comwww.instagram.com/eileenbensonevents www.eleganteventsbymaria.com 216-310-7573 330-329-7968 330-697-4296What do you wish you could tell all your What is the first step you recommend a cou- Wedding planners know the scoop on local couples or couples looking to inquire?ple takes after booking their venue?I recom- vendorsandhaveconnectionswiththem. Idencouragethemtoincorporatewellnessmend couples start to book their vendors afterWhy is this a benefit in the planning process? into their planning process, making sure thatbooking the venue especially their entertain- An example that comes to mind is when a they are getting enough sleep, staying hydrat- ment and photography! Once the big vendorsflorist posted fake photos on their Instagram ed, managing stress, and taking time for eachare hired, they can relax for a bit dependingpage,andthebridebookedonwhatshe other outside of the planning activities. I wanton how many months of planning they havethoughttheircreativitywas.Thedaycame, my couples to show up on their wedding dayleft. and the centerpieces were not at all what we feeling confident both emotionally and men- expected. I had to call three florists to con-tally. Theyll be beautiful inside and out andWhatpartoftheweddingtakesthemoststruct 50 centerpieces and redo the floral wall! able to enjoy every moment of the weddingtimeplanning?Thetimelinefortheday-ofThe bride was so gratefulbut it was a huge day. The end goal is totakesthemosttimemess! It just shows how be wed and well! planning.Ialwaysin- much hiring a wedding Planningaweddingiscludeinputfromtheplanner can make a dif-overwhelming,wherevenuecoordinator,ference. We know what doyourecommendphotographer,caterervendorsyoucancount couples start? I suggestandentertainment.Iton, so youll never have couplesstartwiththeis important to includeto worry about being let vision of their weddingthose vendors in on thedown. We have relation-andaskthemselvesdetailsofthetimelineships with vendors, so if thesequestions:Whatsincetheyallmightsomething goes wrong, wouldyouridealwed- haveasuggestion.Wewe know who to call.ding day look like? WhatDr. Arlonda Stevens always add little detailsEileen Benson Maria Kovacevichis the feeling they want to experience? Howto the timeline so there are no questions as toWhats your trick for staying within a wed-do they want their guests to experience theirwhat is happening, when and where! Its niceding budget without sacrificing quality? The wedding?Afterthat,determinethebudget.for us all to be on the same page the day-of sosaying, You get what you pay for, is so true! Once they have a vision and a budget, thenthe couples day goes as smooth as possible. HiringaDJwhodoesntchargemuchcan they can start planning and creating the wed- seem like an attractive idea, but finding some-ding of their dreams within that budget! What traditional trends are you not seeingone to step in on your wedding day when your Howdoyouaddacouplespersonalitytoanymore? I am not seeing the bouquet or gar- DJ shows up with a boom box wont be so a wedding? I ask for 3 to 5 adjectives to de- ter toss as often! Couples are opting for othercheap! Its all about having connections. My reception activities besides these traditionalteam and I know when certain vendors are scribe what they want their wedding to be.ones. Im also not seeing as many weddingrunningpromotionsorspecials.Wemight Once I know that, I help to ensure that thosefavors. More late night snacks or photo boothnot recommend hiring the cheapest vendor adjectivesareapparentinjustabouteverypicturesforgueststoenjoy.Andrecently,on the market, but often we can score you a aspectofthewedding,downtothetiniestweve also been seeing brides opt for no brid- sweet deal on a reliable vendor with quality details! al party. work. SPECIAL SECTION '