b'12+ MONTHS CEREMONY SITES & OFFICIANTS WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHYTHE GREENS PHOTOINDIA EARL PHOTOGRAPHYP.TAUFIQ PHOTOGRAPHYQUESTIONS TO ASK Finding an officiantOfficiants: The ceremony is the most meaningful part of the wedding. 1. Will you give a speech/sermon? Make sure its sentimentaland more importantly, legal! by finding the perfect officiant.2.Will we be able to read it beforethe ceremony? Legality3. Can we choose the readings?The most important step in choosing an officiant is makingsure they are legally allowed to marry you. In Ohio, ministers4. Will you perform the marriage at our venue? ordained online must register with the Secretary of States office 5. Do you have sample vow wordings? for a marriage to be legal. Its important to ask to see both proof of 6. Do you require premarital counseling?ordainment and registration. Some religious leaders are willing to7. Will you attend the rehearsal?conduct weddings outside of the church. Ask him or her what their regulations are and if theyre willing and available.Ceremony Site: A personal touch1. May we bring in our own officiant?You should choose an officiant who you feel comfortable around 2. Do you have a bridal suite?and who is a good public speaker. Someone who knows you well3. Are there any restrictions for decorations, is always best, as they can add personal touches. You should alsovendors, or music?consider asking someone you admire. 4. Is there a dress code? Gather opinions ( Know the guidelines before buying your dress.) Magazines, wedding shows, and family and friends are all reputable sources for referrals when finding your officiant. Ask to see videos Ceremony Musicians: of previous weddings and talk to anyone you know who has been 1. Can I choose my songs?to a wedding where this person officiated. Experience speaks more 2. What instruments do you offer? than anything else. 3. Will you be the performer the day-of? Points to discuss 4. How far in advance should I book? Ask for sample wordings. Go over the order of the ceremony, such as unity ceremonies, readings, and musical interludes. Ask Dont forget to ask the if they have suggestions for readings or any sample vows you can general questions on page 4 refer to when writing your own. They are the expert!40 TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|CEREMONY SITES & OFFICIANTS'