b'Some dream ofcake.others bake it happen.Between the number of tiers, cupcakes versus cake pops, or an entire desert table spread, trust your cake vendor to bring your vision to life! Whether you decide to have a traditional wedding cake or opt-in for something different, no need to stress. its all a piece of cake! Susans Sugar & SpiceThe Mockingbird Bakerywww.susansugarspice.com www.mockingbirdcakes.com216-323-6905 330-593-5058Susans Sugar & Spice has beenThe Mockingbird Bakery is a creating memories throughmade-from-scratch bakery cakes, chocolates, and pastriesspecializing in custom wedding for almost 20 years. Well knowncakes, cookies, and pastries. for their light, moist cakes andOur goal is to bring the taste of whipped cream frosting, Susanhomemade baking together with delights her customers withan artisticair, crafting designsWHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY 85% scrumptious desserts! Your gueststo match your personal aesthetic.will rave about your weddingAll cakes and desserts are cake and treats for years to come! tailored to your taste & style!of weddingguests take a sliceof cake Drzazga Photo JESSICA BITTEL PHOTOGRAPHY | TASTY BAKERYWhat is that frosting?The cake is one aspect of your wedding that guests willanticipate both seeing and tasting! Make sure to choosePalamedes Photography Palamedes Photographythe right frosting for your design and taste. Heres our take on the differences between wedding cake frostings: Fondant In The Mix BakeryReeves Cake ShopThis modeling-clay-like frosting has a thick consistency but awww.inthemixohio.com www.reevescakeshop.comsmooth finish. Its typically used to create more formal, fancy330-871-0044 330-848-1036designs, figurines, and flowers. In The Mix Bakery specializes inWe are proud to bake fresh custom wedding cakes, cup- cakes, cookies & pastries from Buttercreamcakes, dessert bars, brownies,scratch! Most of our recipes go Buttercream is a more common frosting used on birthdaycookies, and more! We wantback to our parents & grand-your cake and desserts to tasteparents bakery from 1920. WeMANGO STUDIOSTHE GREENS PHOTO cakes with a creamy and rich flavor. You can texturize the as good as they look and willbake each order fresh using the buttercream for a dramatic finish or smooth it out for customize the design to match nest ingredients. Because we your cake dreams! Call or emailbake from scratch we are able clean lines.ashley@inthemixohio.com to setto accommodate dietary Marzipan up a tasting for your event! restrictions. Visit our website for This frosting is similar to fondant but made with almond paste.open house cake tasting dates!This paste gives it more elasticity and a nutty flavor.GanacheTypically made from chocolate, ganache is most often used as a filling between layers of cake. It has a very dense, fudge-like consistency. Naked CakeA naked cake is a popular trend where the cake tiers andfillings are seen through a very thin film of buttercream. Artistic PhotographyLoren Jackson Photography DANA CUBBAGE WEDDINGS154TODAYS BRIDE|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|CAKE & DESSERTSSPECIAL SECTION '