b'12+ MONTHS BRIDESMAIDSBridesmaid dutiesBeing a bridesmaid is a huge honor but also a hugecommitment. A lot of time, money, and patience is required to make your best friends wedding absolutely perfectand thats just the beginning! Here are just a few things you should be prepared to tackle as a dutiful bridesmaid.Planning and hosting parties The wedding party is in charge of planning and throwing boththe bridal shower and the bachelorette party. This means brain-storming game ideas, researching locations, chipping in on theTHE GREENS PHOTO costs of decor, food, and prizes, helping decorate, and assisting with hosting duties. Be sure to confer with the bride to see if there are dates that do not work with her schedule, if she has any specific wishes or expectations, if there are any dietary guidelines to be followed, and ask her for a guest list.Help choose the bridesmaid dresses You may be asked to help pick out some options for the bridesmaid dresses about seven to eight months before the big day. While you might be the one wearing the dress, this is not the time to make your opinions known. If you find yourself moments away from saying, Spaghetti straps are the worst, or, Magenta isnt my color, remember one thing: this day isnt about you.Average cost of However, it is perfectly acceptable to ask the bride to being a bridesmaid is stick to a budget. The bride doesnt want you to breakBUTTERFLY KISSES PHOTOGRAPHY $1,200 the bank or go into debt for her weddingjust dont be too restrictive. When addressing the budget, try not but can quicklyto come off as aggressive or demanding. Simply ask increase! kindly if theres any way you could stay under a certain dollar amount to ease expenses.One way to do this is by having mix-and-match dresses.Whether theyre different styles in the same color or different shades in the same color wheel, this allows bridesmaids to show their style, feel comfortable, and stay within their own budget.Another way to save is to buyin-store vs. online. When you QUESTIONS TO ASKbuy online, you have to pay for shipping and other fees, and1. How long does it take toyoull most likely need alterationsship a dress?or have to exchange your dress2. Can bridesmaid dressesfor a different size. These costsbe altered in house? can add up quicklyso 3. How many fittings will shop smart! there be?Helping the bride with 4. Will the dresses be pressed before pick-up?wedding planning tasks 5. Do you offer a discount toAlthough this may not be askedmy bridesmaids if I buy of you, be prepared and willing tomy dress from you?help the bride with any wedding planning tasks. This could beDont forget to ask the general fun stuff, like going with her toquestions on page 4 WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHY 32TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BRIDESMAIDS'