b'0-3 MONTHS WINERIESYou had me at MerlotA vineyard or winery is a beautiful setting for weddings, rehearsals, showers, and more! The sun sets golden over lush vine-covered rows of grapes as the two of you take your vows, surrounded by friends and family.As the bridal party is whisked away for pictures against this glorious backdrop, your guests meander the grounds, enjoying a glass of wine andnibbling on perfectly paired canaps. But its not the venue for everybody, so here are three important questions to ask avenue when deciding if a vineyard wedding is right for you.What are your indoorOdds are, your venue willAre there any localofferings, in case of rain? already have a backup plan incurfews or noiseThe classic wedding supersti- place, but ask before booking toordinances? tion dictates that rain on yourbe safe. Keep in mind that in the wedding day is good luck.What are your bar rural areas surrounding many However, no one really wantsofferings besides wine? vineyards, there are often noise it to rain on their wedding day.Some vineyards are neither setordinances in place to maintain But you cant control the weath- up nor licensed to serve hardthe integrity of that sereneer, so its best to be preparedalcohol. This may be fine forenvironment. This likely wontespecially with an outdoorsome couples, but others mayaffect your ceremony, but it venue, like a vineyard. Checkwant to offer more of a varietycould end your reception and out the options available for youto their guests. If you know youafter-party as early as 10:00 p.m. and your guests in case of foulwant something in addition toMake sure to inquire about area weather.Is there an aesthetical- wine served at your wedding,ordinances before booking, so ly pleasing location where youmake sure you ask your venuethat you can plan accordingly.can enjoy dinner and dancing?before booking.INDIA EARL PHOTOGRAPHYWINERIES|0-3 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 175'