b'12+ MONTHS MOTHER-OF CHRISTY TYLER PHOTOGRAPHYAVAILABLE AT VERAS LADIES APPARELAVAILABLE AT VERAS LADIES APPAREL MONTAGE BY MON CHERI | STYLE 118961WHITNEY HEARD PHOTOGRAPHYLAURA KELLY PHOTOGRAPHYMONTAGE BY MON CHERI | STYLE M507AVAILABLE ATMother-of tasks VERAS LADIES APPARELAs a mom, youve already mastered the most important skills needed for the wedding planning process: youre a warm listener, a chief cheerleader, and a source of support for your son or daughter. While you will be there to help the couple make decisions every step of the way,here are a few specific tasks you should prepare for: Mother-of-the-bride:Both:Plan, host, and pay for theAssist in communicatingengagement party. with vendors. Help find the wedding dressHelp book hotel blocks of her dreams, as well as other for guests. BUTTERFLY KISSES PHOTOGRAPHY wedding attire and accessories.Spread the word about where Possibly escort the bride downthe couple is registered.the aisle and participate in Discuss the wedding budget other parts of the ceremony,with the couple, includingsuch as unity ceremonies. what you are willing to pay for Mother-of-the-groom:and the number of guests.Help plan, host, and pay for Draw up the guest list for yourthe rehearsal dinner. side of the family.Participate in parts of the Call any of your guests whoceremony, such as unity have not responded.ceremonies, when needed.Act as hostess at the weddingPerform the mother-son danceand reception, ensuring guestsLAUREN FAIR PHOTOGRAPHYCAMERON BLAKE | STYLE 120614 at the wedding reception. are comfortable.30TODAYS BRIDE|12+ MONTHS UNTIL I DO|MOTHER-OF'