b"8-12 MONTHS BEAUTY & HEALTH DENNIS CRIDER PHOTOGRAPHY This or that? Choose your beauty optionsQUESTIONS TO ASK Tanning beds offer a natural color, but they canFake lashes are easy to apply and remove, andcause irreversible damage to your skin. You can adjustthere are tons of options that can add length, volume,Do you provide on-locationyour tone based on the length of time you tan and thedramawhatever look you want! However, theyservices? level of the bed, but they require pre-planning anddont last very long. After a full-days worth of laugh- Is there a travel fee? time commitment months before your wedding.ing, tears, and batting your eyelashes at your fianc,How long will it take to doyou might find your lashes hanging on by a thread. Spray tan provides instant results that dont damage my hair?your health. The only cons are that spray tans dont Lash extensions can last up to two months. EachHow long will it take to do last more than a few days, and you have to test it outlash is hand-glued separately, resulting in natural-my makeup?at several appointments to find the shade thats rightlooking lashes. Make sure to try them before your Do you conceal tattoos?for youso that you dont turn out like an oompawedding, as some people have bad reactions to the What is included in a trial? loompa on the big day! glue. And they arent cheapbe prepared to spend! When should I schedulemy trial? Airbrush foundation creates a smooth, flawlessAcrylic/gel nails are perfect if you want to add complexion. It provides the perfect base for the rest some length, but they wreak havoc on your nail beds. How much does a trialrun cost?of your makeup and stays put all night long. However,The length can last for months, but youll need a fill you have to hire a professional for proper application. every two to three weeks, or else theyll start falling off.Will you be my stylist the day-of? Using your own foundation will ensure that Natural nails are the healthiest and most cost-What size party can youyou know exactly how your skin will react to the effective option. However, they are more susceptible to accommodate?makeup. You can touch it up throughout the night, breaking than acrylic nails, and growing long nails isnt but remember that it may not be as long-lasting oran option for everybody. Don't forget to ask the photogenic as a professional airbrush.general questions on page 478 TODAYS BRIDE|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|BEAUTY & HEALTH"