b'3-8 MONTHS CAKE & DESSERTSThink beyond the traditional white wedding cake! Dontbe afraid to exper-iment with bright colors, bold shapes, minimalist designs, and more.Five things to know1.Plan 1.5 servings of cake foreach guest. If youre having a dessert bar, order less cake. Fondant is a type of icing that 2.is perfect for creating sculp-tures and adornments, and is often draped over the cake for a smooth finish. However, its clay-like consistency doesnt agree with every couples taste.3.Traditionally, the top tier of your wedding cake is kept frozen and eaten as a celebra-tion on your first anniversary. Some cake shops may provide a box or wrapping for the top tier, so be sure to ask if this is included. You should start researching 4.bakers in your area eight months before your wedding and try to place the order about four to six months before.Most bakeries will be willing 5.to host a taste test for you and your fianc. However, some may charge a fee or limit the number of flavor samples. FRED BOLGE LUX WEDDING152TODAYS BRIDE|3-8 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|CAKE & DESSERTS'