b"SJ DEL PRIORE PHOTOGRAPHY T+K PHOTOGRAPHYGREY GARDEN CREATIVEPicture perfectWhen it comes to the most tangible memories of your wedding day,Social media is a great place toyou should not settle for anything less than perfect. The flowerscheck out a photographers work,will fade, the music will be played, and the food will be eaten, butbut be sure to meet them in personthe photographs will last forever. Choosing an exceptional weddingprior to signing a contract.photographer is the best way to guarantee youll be able to relive your wedding day for years to come. Like many wedding tasks, picking the right photographer that meets your style, personality, and budget can seem overwhelming.QUESTIONS TO ASKResearching to find the right photographer that fits those needs is no joke.Have you ever shot at my Is there a fee for additionalImportant information Meet with prospects ceremony location? locations?Before you set out to find thatCompile a list of your favorite Have you ever shot at my How many hours will I have? perfect photographer, youllphotographers and interviewreception location?When will you arrive?want to have key informationthe most promising candidates. What is your style ofDo you have an emergencyready to discussincludingThis is the best way to assessphotography? back-up plan? your wedding date and loca- their past work, personalities, What sets you apartCan I customize a package? tions for the ceremony andand what they have to offer.from others?Do you include reception. Its also a good ideaMeet with at least three candi-How many cameras engagement photos?to have a budget in mind whiledates and plan on visiting theirwill you use?When can I expect to Wbrowsing so you dont get studios, meeting in person, orill you be the photogra- receive my images?attached to a photographer toojumping on a call. pher the day of?How will my photos befar out of your price range. Booking the one Will there be an assistantgiven to me?(i.e. USB,Photography stylesYou want to choose someoneon-hand to help?website, printed, etc.) Take a moment to learn aboutwho doesnt view your weddingWill there be a second- What is your copyrightshooter?photography styles, then thinkday as another business trans- policy?When do I need to book about which one best suits youraction. Finding a photographer How long do you keep a you by? wedding day. Most photogra- who loves what they do andcopy of my photos?Do you have a standard phers will have portfolios oris passionate about their work Do you offer photo albums?shot list?online galleries, so browse theirand couples is the key to great images for a style you like. wedding memories.Don't forget to ask the general questions on page 4PHOTOGRAPHY|8-12 MONTHS UNTIL I DO|TODAYS BRIDE 115"