OH Snap! Photography Sabrina Hall Photography Find out what these symbols mean on page 8. 114 | TODAY'S BRIDE 3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" Tie everything together with tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers that match or complement your color scheme. QUESTIONS TO ASK Napkins Tablecloth  Table liner (for sheer tablecloths) Table runner Chair cover Chair sash Table skirts Pew drapes Drapery for decor or backdrops Notes: Questions to ask: 1.Do you offer? Sashes Chair Covers Tablecloths Napkins Other 2.  Have you worked with my venue before? Yes No 3.  How much do you charge for your linens? 4.  Do you have samples or a showroom of your linens? Yes No 5.  How do you clean and press your linens? 6.  Will you: Dress the tables/chairs Show me how 7.  Will you come collect your linens after the reception? Yes No LINENS YOU MAY NEED LovelyLinens Linens Cost Range: $500 to $5,000+ Megan Clouse Photography Linens play an important role in cre- ating the basis to a consistent look throughout your reception space. White linens are more commonly used for weddings because of their clean lines and blank canvas, but we love the idea of adding some color or texture. Try mixing things up by us- ing an array of shades within your color scheme, adding a printed ta- ble runner across white linens, or placing colorful, folded napkins on each plate! Dressing your chairs in covers or sash- es will create a more unified look and a touch of elegance. There are a vari- ety of ways to tie knots and sashes on chairs. After perusing through rental warehouses or online galleries, ask your rental company if they’ll be setting up the linens or if they can teach you how to properly exe- cute the look! Finally, well-placed drapes can create an ethereal or elegant atmosphere. A solid, opaque linen is the perfect backdrop for a cake display, but somewhat sheer drapes tied to wooden pil- lars will add an effortlessly chic look to your venue. Your guests will spend a lot of time at their tables. Make sure they have something worth looking at by choos- ing lovely linens! DECOR