#HASHTAG TIPS FOR CREATING YOUR While creating my hashtag came naturally – #ThiTheKnot was just too perfect - creating your own hashtag can be more difficult than you’d expect! While some may prefer the generic and easy-to-remember – like combining your names, using your new last name, or including your wedding date – others like to come up with a creative pun or wordplay. I love the idea of having a small get-together with your wedding party and brainstorming possibilities! Pro- vide appetizers and drinks, plan a game or two, and start shouting out ideas! Not only will you end up with a fun and creative hashtag, but it’s a great way for members of your party to get to know each other! J o r d a n Thi, Today’s Bride # WORKSHEET Start with your names (first, last, or nicknames) X Think of things that rhyme with your names: Think of wedding sayings: Hashtag Ideas: Meanttobe SayIdo Tohaveandtohold CEREMONY TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE | 37