Tamiz Photography Learn more about health & beauty at www.TodaysBride.com/beauty BEST YOU DISCOVERING THE We all want to be healthy year-round, but it’s especially important on your wedding day. Make sure you create a health and beauty routine so you can enjoy every moment of your wedding knowing you look and feel your best. SKIN DO rinse your face in warm water before cleansing and cold water after. The warm water will open your pores, allowing the cleanser to get inside and banish all that unwanted bacteria and the cold water will close them back up, ensuring that no dirt or oil can get in! DON’T assume everyone’s skin regimen is the same. Everyone’s skin is different, so it will take a little exper- imenting and some trial and error before you find the right regimen for you. DO switch your cotton pillowcases to silk to avoid breakouts. DON’T touch your face, as oil and bacteria from your hands can transfer into your pores. HAIR DO schedule monthly conditioning appointments with your salon and a trial 1-3 months before your wedding. DON’T use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Instead, use microfiber towels. They are more absorbent and will soak up extra moisture quicker. TEETH DO look for toothpaste with baking soda as a main ingredient. DON’T drink beverages like coffee, tea, and pop, as they can stain your teeth. No bride wants to wear a dress that’s whiter than her teeth. DO consult with a dentist or specialist for extreme whitening procedures that last. MENTAL WELLNESS DO adopt a hobby – like crocheting, painting, reading, meditating, or exercising – to relieve stress. DON’T exercise for the wrong reasons. We’re big supporters of loving your body exactly the way it is. However, it does have great benefits like boosting energy levels, mood, motivation, and sleep! DO make sure you’re getting 8 hours of sleep or more each night. Looking beautiful is easy for you! No matter what you do with your hair or makeup, whether you have a small zit or split ends, your spouse-to-be is going to be completely enchanted by your beauty when they first see you walk down the aisle. BEAUTY & HEALTH 60 | TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE