Top 5 Things to Know 1.  Plan 1.5 servings of cake for each guest. If you're having a dessert bar, order less cake. 2.  Fondant is a type of icing that is perfect for creating sculptures and adornments, and is often draped over the cake for a smooth finish. However, its clay-like consistency doesn’t agree with every couple’s taste. 3.  Traditionally, the top tier of your wedding cake is kept frozen and eaten as a celebra- tion on your first anniversary. Some cake shops may provide a box or wrapping for the top tier, so be sure to ask if this is in- cluded or an extra cost. 4.  You should start researching bakers in your area 8 months before your wedding and try to place the order about 3 months before. 5.  Most bakeries will be willing to host a taste test for you and your fiancé, though some may charge a fee or limit the number of fl vor samples. How big of a cake do I need? 6" +10 GUESTS 10 TOTAL SERVINGS +12-14 GUESTS 22-24 TOTAL SERVINGS +24-26 GUESTS 46-48 TOTAL SERVINGS +38-40 GUESTS 84-86 TOTAL SERVINGS +54-56 GUESTS 138-142 TOTAL SERVINGS 8" 10" 12" 14" Trying to figure out how much cake to serve your guests is a puzzle! How much cake will your guests eat and how many tiers should you have? Keep in mind that your guests will eat about 1.5 servings if you don't have a dessert bar. If you're try- ing to make a grand statement with a tall cake by adding fake layers of styrofoam, you'll be disappointed to find out that the cost isn't all that much cheaper! Opt for a layer of cake instead - it's always better to have too much than not enough. Use the diagram to the side to figure out how much cake you'll need! trenDs WE q In a day that’s mostly centered around the bride, it’s nice to show the groom a little love. Surprise him by collaborating with your bakery to design a groom’s cake to serve at the rehearsal dinner! Groom’sCak Photography by Lahna Marie Whether stenciled, hand-painted, or printed onto fondant, cursive script adds a romantic touch to your wedding cake. Buttercream is a tastier option for wedding cake icing. With buttercream, you can smooth imperfections, or add petals, swirls, or lines. Script Baked Custom Cakes Textured Buttercrea 3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" TODAY’S BRIDE | 121 India Earl Photography Autumn Nomad, Anne Skidmore Photography Autumn Nomad, Cait Bourgault Photography Dollybird Bakes