6 | TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE start... Where to Oh,lookatthat. You'vegotonein yourhand! Magazines: One of the best resources you can use to plan your wedding is a bridal magazine. They share all the new trends, give you advice and planning tips, and are full of gor- geous pictures to inspire! Plus, if you use a local magazine, you can find credible local vendors. Websites: What would we do without the internet? With everything from wedding planning blogs, Pin- terest photos, printables, vendor reviews, and websites, you can spend hours sorting through all the ideas and inspiration! Visit TodaysBride.com for access to all this and more! Wedding Shows: Wedding Shows are one- stop wedding shopping events. Meet vendors, see the latest trends, and take advantage of show discounts… what could be bet- ter?! Wedding shows are perfect for the just-engaged bride or someone who’s a week away! Cutthroughtheclutter. Findlocalvendorsat Todays ride..com Howlucky! Wehostshowsthroughout theNortheastOhioarea! Check out page 94 for dates. WHERE TO FIND Choose a date. Decide which season you want to get married in and then choose a month. Be flexible with the dates inside which month you choose, as your venues may be booked on that specific date. Create a budget. At the start of each sec- tion, you’ll see an average price range for different services. Though we’ve re- searched and interviewed Northeast Ohio vendors to come up with these ranges, we encourage you to remember that they are not set in stone. Use these estimates to guide you in creating a realistic budget so you feel prepared when you meet with potential vendors! Create a wedding email. Over the next few months to a year, you’ll be meeting a lot of people while collecting tons of information. It’s super convenient to have everything stored in one inbox. Ask your wedding party. Take our quiz on page 28 to find out who you should ask! Our advice: don’t ask someone to be in the party just because you feel obligated to. Choose a theme. Take our test on page 8 to seewhichweddingthemefitsyourstylebest! Natural, vintage, contemporary, or romantic this planner is filled with inspiration to fit your theme. Just look for the symbol! So you are engaged!LMAC Photography Sabrina Hall Photography OH Snap! Photography 3