Sabrina Hall Photography LMAC Photography OH Snap! Photography Anna Delores Photography Sabrina Hall Photography Black Dog Photo, Co. OH Snap! Photography DAY-OFCHECKLIST Print off the itinerary  Bring a gift or heartfelt letter for the bride Bring the signed Marriage License  Bring wedding bands and pass them off to the Best Man right before the ceremony Present groomsmen with gifts  Make sure there are snacks and water in the groom’s suite  Create tip envelopes and assign a groomsman or your parents to hand them out  Make sure ushers are aware of any special seating arrangements  Meet with Officiant, Musicians, Trans- portation Driver, and any other ven- dors for any last-minute changes or questions Get a close shave  Hang your suit or tux so it doesn’t wrinkle  Bring a steamer or iron for any last- minute touch-ups  Drop off yours and your bride’s lug- gage in the car or hotel room where you’ll be staying  Get portraits of you and your grooms- men before the ceremony to save time for family photos between the cere- mony and reception  Have a good breakfast and keep hy- drated According to tradition, the groom isn’t allowed to see the bride on the morning of their wedding. That means she won’t be able to remind you what needs to be done. From packing your suitcase to tipping the staff, there are a lot of things you’ll be re- sponsible for. Here are a few of the things you should be prepared to tackle. For a worry-free and stress-free wedding, it’s crucial to be prepared! Carry this checklist with you to ensure that every detail is taken care of. MEN'S ATTIRE 54 | TODAY'S BRIDE 8-12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO"