Opal CREATED BY: BUEHLER’S Morganite CREATED BY: MEL’S SWEET SHOP Onyx CREATED BY: WEST SIDE BAKERY Diamond CREATED BY: ACME FRESH MARKET Each layer of this cake varies in shape, height, and design, and yet together, it maintains a consistent, modern style that fits per ectly with a blush wedding and pays tribute to the Morganite stone. Though black isn’t com- mon at weddings, the elegance of this cake is undeniable! The crystals, pebbles, and drip technique adds texture while the bottom tier’s bands represent the imperfections found in most Onyx stones. Every Opal stone is unique! When the light strikes it, you’ll see different refle - tions of pink, blue, purple, red, and yellow. Similarly, the marble fondant is truly one-of-a-kind and reflects the rainbow of colors you see in the gem. In order to personify the favorite wedding stone, diamond, a cake has to be fl wless and sparkling. From each crystal on the second tier to the sparkling brooches used in every fl wer, this cake exudes class and luxury. CAKES 3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" TODAY’S BRIDE | 125