inspiration LOCAL Wedding cakes should be just as pretty as they are tasty. There’s nothing as beautiful as colorful, unique stones, so lo- cal cake artists used jewels to inspire these original, on-trend designs. See page 110 for their bouquet counterparts. Aquamarine CREATED BY: ACME FRESH MARKET Emerald CREATED BY: TIFFANY’S BAKERY Amethyst CREATED BY: BUEHLER’S Photos by: OH Snap! Photography The raw, un-cut edges of the crystalline indentation contrasts the clean and smooth lines of the fondant tiers. The pastel shade of Aquamarine stones is perfect for a spring, summer, or winter wedding! This formal wedding cake proves that when it comes to color, less can sometimes be more. The Emerald crystal sprinkles make the color scheme obvious without compro- mising the traditional design. This cake combines the popular geode, ombre, and Ultraviolet trends. The white, green, and gold buttercream makes the Amethyst color more striking, creating a design so pretty, you won’t want to cut into it! CAKES 124 | TODAY'S BRIDE 3-8 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO"