inspiration Finding the perfect hairdo for your wedding is hard work! You have to consider the venue, your dress, any hairpieces you plan to wear, and the overall theme of your wedding. Will you be getting married outdoors? If so, you may want more of an updo to avoid any wind-related catastrophes. Do you have a backless dress? You may not want to wear your hair down so you can show off this feature! Use these trendy ‘dos as inspiration, but remember to choose a look that works well with your veil or hairpiece! Isabella Jane Hairstyling Alicia Lucia Photography Caitlyn Meyer and Coral Dove Photography Kurt Boomer Photography Carol Martin Salon Spa Caitlyn Meyer and Marlayna Photography HAIR BEAUTY & HEALTH 58 | TODAY'S BRIDE 8-12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO" Find out what these symbols mean on page 8.