Photography Cost Range: $1,500 to $5,000+ Photography DO ask to see a real wedding album. Because a Photographer’s samples represent his or her best work, it’s never a bad idea to ask to see actual wed- ding albums and get references from brides who have used their services. DON’T hire a Photographer solely based on price. If someone’s prices are drastically lower than most, ask yourself why. Typically, it’s because the quality of the photo isn’t as good. These images will be displayed and shared with generations of family; if you splurge on anything, this is the service to do so. DO hire someone who specializes in weddings. Some Photographers prefer to shoot landscapes, family portraits, or work solely in a studio. A Pho- tographer with experience in weddings will know how to pose the bridal party to create natural, can- did-looking shots and how to make the bride feel comfortable and beautiful all day long. DON’T hire a family member or friend. Your loved ones should be able to truly enjoy your day, not work it. You don’t want to look back at your album 10 years from now and regret not having cousin Susie in the photos because she’s taking them. Plus, a professional will have a written con- tract to protect your investment and ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. DO choose someone who you get along well with. Your Photographer will be up close and per- sonal with you all day long. Hire someone who you feel comfortable around. DON’T assume you own your wedding photos. Most Photographers include an album, USB, or CD of photos in their packag- es, but ask your Photographer if you’ll have the rights to print, download, and share your photos online after the wedding or if that will be an extra fee. Sabrina Hall Photography DOS AND DON’TS OF HIRING A PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPHY 66 | TODAY'S BRIDE 8-12 MONTHS UNTIL "I DO"