BUDGET AskyourDJandothervendors aboutovertimefees Finditunderprintables! TOTAL: Estimate Actual Cost Paid Venue Catering Bar Service Cake/Dessert Rentals Favors Flowers Linens Music/DJ Lighting/Decor Reception Category Estimate Actual Cost Paid Miscellaneous Prefer to work digitally? Join TodaysBride.com and download our budget Excel file. Consider allocating 5% of your budget to a "just in case" fund. This will help cover unforeseen costs. These costs could include hotel accommodations, special features like an ice sculpture, and any additional gifts. Your vendors willnee meals,too Quick tips Although not required by every wedding vendor, small gratuity gifts for a job well done are a gracious way of showing your appreciation. Be sure to assign someone to hand out the tips at the end of the event.  OFFICIANT/CLERGY $75 - $100 ‘donations’ are appropriate CEREMONY SITE STAFF (soloist, organist, church staff, etc.) $20 - $30 per person DELIVERY/SET-UP PERSONNEL (decorators, floral, cake, etc.) $10 each if dropping items off $20 each if dropping off and setting up LIMOUSINE DRIVER(S) 15% - 20% paid to driver PHOTO BOOTH ATTENDANT $20 - $50 per person DJ/BAND 15% - 20% given to the band leader or DJ RECEPTION WAIT STAFF $20 - $40 per person BARTENDERS 15% - 20% of entire bill for the bar RECEPTION SITE MANAGER 15% - 20% of entire bill PARKING ATTENDANTS $1 - $2 per car if they are not taking tips from guests TIPPING POINTS TELL VENDORS YOU SAW THEIR AD IN TODAY’S BRIDE | 11